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12 Ways To Deal With Erectile Dysfunction

10. Try To Relax

Our nervous system is divided in 2 ways: the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous system. When our body is dominated by the sympathetic nerves, we are in an alert mode. The adrenaline rush prepares the body for a fight or a flight. The blood is pulled from the organs to the brain which mostly happens with men because they are too anxious when it comes to their performance. This is also known as performance pressure. This results in flooding of the body with norepinephrine which is an adrenal hormone which is not required during intimacy. The key to this is to just lay back and relax and take the parasympathetic system take over. This helps in blood to rush to the lower regions relaxing the nerves and arteries hence creating the desired erection.

12 Ways To Deal With Erectile Dysfunction

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