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12 Ways To Deal With Erectile Dysfunction

12. Get More Physical And Have More Sessions With Your Partner

A Finnish study recently concluded that men who are aged between 55-75 years of age and who were intimate less than one time a week had twice the chances of compared to the men who did at least one time in a week. So the conclusion is that regular indulgence prevents the man from developing an ED.

12 Ways To Deal With Erectile Dysfunction


When To Call The Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction

Impotency is treatable, and age is not a constraint these days. When the ways discussed above fails to give the desired results, a urologist may help with various treatments and therapies. Here are some of the treatments that are available around:

  • Counselling, as it helps in dealing with the emotional aspect of the issue.
  • Surgically, a device can be implanted that expands mechanically during arousal.
  • Drug therapy, which includes drugs like Cialis and Viagra which helps in enhancing the performance and increases the blood flow.
  • Vacuum devices which help in drawing the blood to the organ thus maintaining an erection.

However, this is just informative and if one has a problem the first thing they should do is to see a doctor.

12 Ways To Deal With Erectile Dysfunction

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