5 Common Skin Care Mistakes Everyone Makes

5 Common Skin Care Mistakes Everyone Makes

Though we use dozens of skin care products, we don?t? always get the desired results. Some of these skincare regimes we follow might be the reason for the spoilsport.

1. Not giving enough cleansing

Most of us dont? wash our face properly. Cleansing is an essential part of any make over regime. Don?t get satisfied with wipes alone. Wash your skin with proper amount of water atleast twice a day. A scrub can be used once or twice a week to remove dead cells from the skin.

2. We don?t apply products in the right order.

We apply different creams for different purpose. But do we apply them in the right order? The sequence or order of application of creams on skin should be correct to get optimum results. Always eye creams should be applied first. Any other serums or creams should be followed next. Then comes moisturising creams or lotions. And Sunscreen should be in the last of your menu. Be sure to have sunscreen with high SPF (SPF refers to Sun Protecting factor) on a sunny day.

3. Sunsceen applied Unevenly

Many tend to apply sunscreen unevenly on their face. We tend to take more care over cheeks than rest of the facial parts like forehead or region around hairline. This causes patchy pigmentation over face. So apply sunscreen evenly on face. Do remember to apply sunscreen atleast 20 minutes before you step out in sun.

4. Quantity does matter

We don?t apply right amount of skin care creams as that prescribed. Most apply too much of the product hoping for better and quicker results. Overusing of creams results in more chemical deposition on skin and often produces adverse effects.The amount of cream you can hold in your ring finger tip is usually enough for your face. For delicate under eye areas use even lesser amount of cream.

5. Give enough chance

We don?t give enough time or chance for the products to show results. Give atleast 2 to 3 months of time before getting to a conclusion. Any skin care products takes some time to show results. Remember quicker results will also reverse quickly.

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  1. Useful post about skin care mistakes, It’s best to learn from other’s mistakes than to feel the urge to commit one by oneself & then think of learning. I think we’ve all made some of these mistakes to some degree or another.

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