5 Natural Antibiotics That Help Treat Indigestion

5 Natural Antibiotics That Help Treat Indigestion

1) Manuka Honey – Manuka honey works by coating the stomach lining and esophagus from damages brought on by acid reflux. It contains hydrogen peroxide, which is a natural healing antibiotic property. Manuka honey helps to treat high blood pressure, gastrointestinal problems, sinus infections and promotes proper digestion. Apply a dab of the honey topically to the skin surface areas.

2) Oil of Oregano – Oil of Oregano simulates the proper flow of bile, which cleanses out your digestive tract. The carvacrol and thymol antiviral components help treat intestinal parasites, allergies, sinus pain, arthritis, the common cold, and fatigue. Mix 2 or 3 drops of the oil into a glass of milk or juice to treat mild indigestion. Oil of Oregano is also available in capsule form. Speak with your doctor before taking the oil in supplement form.

3) Colloidal Silver – The powerful anti-fungal and anti-parasitic components found in colloidal silver helps prevent against GERD and acid reflux issues. Colloidal silver defends your immune system from viruses by disabling their oxygen metabolism enzyme, suffocating them before they get the chance to spread. Apply the anti-bacterial cream over wounded areas.

5 Natural Antibiotics That Help Treat Indigestion

4) Garlic – Garlic acts as a natural antibiotic that fights off infectious diseases and promotes healthy white blood cell regulation. Garlic is considered to be one of the healthiest super foods you can consume. Garlic contains a very powerful antibacterial component known as allicin. You can add a few chopped or crushed garlic cloves to your soup, bake them in with your favorite dishes or eat them raw. Garlic is also available in capsule form, but make sure you consult your physician beforehand.

5) Echinacea – The popular herbal medicine helps alleviate gastrointestinal disorders and acid reflux while strengthening the immune system. It’s natural antibiotic properties help treat peptic ulcers and prevent harmful bacteria from entering your body. Add a few echinacea leaves to your herbal tea, with a tablespoon of natural honey and a squirt of fresh lemon juice to reap the benefits.

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