6 Crazy Things Happen To Your Body When You Laugh Out Loud

Laughing is a therapy! Its not us saying this but science, laughing has many henkgh benefits, it has been shown to increase blood flow, which decreases your chances of getting a heart attack, as well as increases the antibodies which helps us to maintain a henkghy immune system. Here we have listed few more benefits that will inspire you to keep your crazy laughter on.

1. You burn calories.

6 Crazy Things Happen To Your Body When You Laugh Out Loud

Laughing raises your energy expenditure and that is when you burn calories. If you continuously laugh for one minute it is equivalent to 10 minutes workout.

2. Laughing is good for relationships.

According to the researches, couples who can discuss serious issues and topics on a lighter note and in a laughable way feel immediately better. Such couples have higher level of satisfaction in their relationship and they also tend to stay together for long.

3. Laughter is good for your brain.

According to the research, humour can have a very positive effect on the memory. Laughter can be a tool to heal the age related memory issues. Also people who laugh a lot have significantly lower levels of stress hormones.

4. It enhances immunity and improves sleep.

6 Crazy Things Happen To Your Body When You Laugh Out Loud

Laughter has the ability to boost your immunity and can induce positive feelings. Laughter tends to relax your muscles triggering the release of bodys natural painkillers which also helps to get a good sleep.

5. Your certain muscles become weak when you laugh hard.

So when you laugh hard you tend to trip or drop things around? Thats because when you laugh out loud your muscles that arent directly involved in laughter like limbs become a little weaker and less coordinated for few seconds.

6. Your tolerance for pain increases for sometime.

According to the scientists patients who laugh a lot tend to react more positive towards the medicine and require less painkillers.

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