7 Acupressure Points To Improve Your Eyesight

6. Tips of the thumbs

7 Acupressure Points To Improve Your Eyesight

According to Chinese medicine, the tips of the thumbs are directly related to the neck muscles. The neck muscles help nourish the eyes through blood flow that travels through the neck to reach them. It is recommended that you sit in a chair in a relaxed position and simply massage the tip of your right thumb using your left hand and then switch to massaging your left thumb with your right hand. Do this for 3-5 minutes for each thumb daily to see an improvement in clarity of eyesight.

7. Tips of the big toes

7 Acupressure Points To Improve Your Eyesight

The toes are also connected to the neck muscles and eyes, and massaging them can help prevent many vision problems such as allergy-related teariness. Just like in the point above, to massage this point sit in a chair in a relaxed position, hold your foot in your hands and press on the tip of the toe for 3-5 minutes daily for both toes. You can also try to walk on tip toes – this helps improve circulation not only in the neck but throughout the whole body.

It’s very easy to massage these pressure points, so it is definitely a solution you should try if you have problems with vision or your eyes in general. If you wear glasses you should remove them occasionally throughout the day to give your eyes a rest. Additionally, you can try to roll your eyes to improve their mobility and keep them fit. Furthermore, try to avoid being in front of the computer or TV for too long as this can cause unnecessary strain on the eyes.

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