7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Annona

Immediately after the hot summer season and when it starts getting a little chilly out, the markets receive special and different fruits, one of the most noticeable being the Annona. The fruit’s strange shape and its slightly bizarre content are often what attract us to taste it, but if you only knew the health benefits of the Annona, it would undoubtedly become your favorite fruit of this time of year. We invite you to learn more about this delicious and sweet fruit, which we’re sure will now decorate your fruit bowl.

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Annona

Interesting facts about Annona:

The Annona is a subtropical tree that grows in cool weather. Its fruit tastes sweet and is rich in carbohydrates, yet 100 grams of it has only 75 calories. This wonderful fruit contains many vitamins and minerals, such as thiamine (vitamin B1), pyridoxine (vitamin B6), calcium, potassium and vitamin C. You can find Annona in the markets and at the grocers mainly in the autumn months, from September to November, although they can sometimes be bought a little later into the winter.

Health benefits of Annona

1. Strengthens the immune system

As we’ve already said, the Annona fruit contains a high amount of vitamin C, which is considered the best nutrient to strengthen and improve the immune system in the body. Eating Annona in addition to other healthy foods helps the body fight free radicals that harm us, stimulates and increases the production of white blood cells, and provides protection against common diseases such as influenza, colds and other infectious diseases. In a study published in 2011, researchers found that most of the antioxidants in the fruit, including vitamin C, are absorbed in the body not necessarily from eating the flesh of the fruit, but mainly by drinking its juice; Therefore, in their opinion, it is better to squeeze the fruit and drink its juice rather than to eat its contents.

2. Good for the heart and blood vessels

It is known that high levels of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) in the blood is one of the factors that increases the chances of various heart diseases including stroke. Therefore, it is good to know that a study published in 2011 found that Annona helps reduce triglycerides in the blood and increases the production of “good” cholesterol (HDL). This is due to the balance of sodium and potassium in the fruit that helps the body manage blood pressure regulation and expansion of blood vessels. In addition, it became clear that regular consumption of Annona helps reduce blood pressure and improves heart rate.

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Annona

3. Effective for the Brain

There are many ways in which you can maintain the health and function of your brain such as sleeping, solving various mathematical calculations and playing memory games, and now you know that eating Annona is also on this list; It turns out that the Annona’s flesh is a good source of vitamin B6 – which controls the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) which is the most common nerve conductor inhibitor in the central nervous system. 100 grams Annona has 0.527 mg of vitamin B6, which is about 20% of the recommended daily intake. Eating the fruit can relieve irritability, depression, headaches and protect against Parkinson’s disease, stress, and anxiety.

4. Prevents cancer

Cancer is one of the most common causes of death in the modern world, and to prevent it, there are several methods and treatments. According to a study published in 2017, it turns out that eating Annona can help prevent the disease because it is rich in antioxidants and provides many anti-cancer benefits. Cancer cells are caused by free radicals caused by oxidative stress in the body, and it turns out that the antioxidant content in the fruit helps neutralize the effect of these radicals. In addition, it contains significant amounts of dietary fiber that inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines, preventing the mucous membrane and the large intestine from being exposed to toxic substances. This reduces the risk of colon and liver cancer, and even protects against breast cancer.

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Annona

5. Protects Against Osteoporosis

As we’ve seen so far, Annona has health benefits due to its high mineral content that can protect our body from many diseases. In recent years it has been shown that this fruit also has the ability to prevent osteoporosis – a disease that results from loss of bone mass or loss of bone density and tissue, and fortunately, it can be reduced through a calcium-based diet. As we’ve already noted, Annona contains high doses of vitamins and minerals, including calcium, making fruit the source of many components that are of great importance for building bones, preventing bone loss and even strengthening tooth health.

6. Preserves the appearance of healthy and young skin

As mentioned above, the Annona has a significant amount of vitamin C which, besides maintaining the immune system of the body, is also essential for maintaining healthy and radiant skin. As a natural antioxidant, vitamin C helps heal wounds and is responsible for building collagen, which is necessary to prevent skin weakness and wrinkle formation. Aging signs such as fine lines, wrinkles, and pigmentation, are the result of skin damage caused by free radicals. By consuming vitamin C from a natural source like Annona and other fruits, you can help your body fight free radicals that harm it and nurture healthy, younger looking skin.

7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Annona

7. Promotes Hair Growth

In light of all that has been said so far, it is clear that Annona is a very nutritious and healthy fruit for the skin and immune system, and it turns out that it can also be beneficial to hair in many ways. Just like the skin, vitamin C in the fruit is also essential for hair health and prevents damage caused by free radicals, without mentioning the other substances it contains, such as magnesium, iron, and zinc, which are known to promote hair growth.

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