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7 Effective Ways To Manage Hay Fever At Home

7 Effective Ways To Manage Hay Fever At Home


Despite hay fever being common, it doesn’t lessen how irritating it can be. Waking up and realizing your nose has the first itch of the summer is never a fun experience. If you’re someone who experiences irritated eyes, shortness of breath, sneezing, and a runny, itchy nose, you’re probably on the hunt for some form of relief. Luckily, there are some simple ways you can manage your hay fever from home.


  1. Keep Windows Closed

Hay fever is commonly brought on by pollen, and even if you stay inside as often as you can when the pollen count is high, it can still find its way into your home. To combat this, keep your windows and doors closed as often as possible and put the air conditioner on for relief from any stuffiness.


  1. Wash Face, Hands, and Body Regularly

If you have been exposed to pollen, then it can linger on your hands and clothes. Just imagine the damage you can do by rubbing your eyes! If you’ve been outside, wash your face, hands, and body as regularly as you can to eliminate the persistence of symptoms.


  1. Use Over the Counter Medicines

Over the counter medication can dramatically reduce your symptoms. Some eye drops will help relieve eye irritation. Antihistamines are also easily available over the counter, so you can reduce the amount of itchiness you have to deal with by simply taking a pill.


  1. Clean Your Home

Your clothes aren’t the only items that pollen can cling to. If people are coming in and out of your house, there’s a chance they’re bringing pollen inside. By vacuuming and cleaning often, you will get rid of any pollen quickly, preventing it from exacerbating your hay fever even more.


  1. Cold Compress

When you’re dealing with irritation, you might find yourself at your wit’s end. A cold compress placed over your eyes will provide you with some soothing relief. The cold will help your eyes feel less sore and irritated, and the low temperature will help your body cool down overall.


  1. Stay Inside When You Can

One solution for combating hay fever is to stay inside as much as you can. Of course, this isn’t always possible, but if you have the choice, you should avoid being outdoors. This is especially crucial for areas with a lot of grass, as there will be plenty of pollen there. By staying inside, you will be eliminating the risk of your symptoms flaring before they even begin.


  1. Avoid Pets

Pet dander can worsen hay fever symptoms, so make sure you stay away from them when you are experiencing symptoms. If you have pets, try to stay in separate rooms from them, even if you do want to give them attention!


Hay fever doesn’t have to take over your life once the season begins. By taking measures and keeping remedies with you, you will prevent your symptoms from becoming too severe.

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