8 Reasons Why Yoga Is The Best Exercise You Will Ever Get

7. Helps stay in the present.

Yoga makes one attentive to the present moment and gives more awareness towards negative thoughts and the ability to let go of them for the sake of self-preservation.

8. Yoga mudras

Yoga mudras are postures of the hand that stimulate certain parts of the brain and body. Strangely enough, it has been observed that babies perform the mudras on their own subconsciously.

• Adi mudra: A newborn baby has its thumb tucked inside its palm and the other fingers wrapped around it into a fist. This is the adi mudra that relaxes the nervous system, improves flow of blood to the head and increases the capacity of the lungs.

• Chin mudra: When a baby sleeps, the tip of its forefinger touches the tip of the thumb and all the other fingers are extended. This is the chin mudra that improves sleep pattern, increases energy in the body and alleviates lower backache.

• Merudanda mudra: When a baby sucks its thumb, the thumb points upward and fingers are rolled. This is the merudanda mudra that energizes the middle-section of the body.

While yoga may look like just a couple of body-bending exercises to the untrained eye, a lot goes on under the skin when you twist your limbs and consciously breathe. Also, yoga is not just a set of asanas, but rather a way of life. With a healthy body and calm mind, one is bound to live a happier and stress-free life. Sounds good? But do not be in a hurry to get into a difficult looking pose just yet. Ensure that you learn yoga under a certified professional like an Art of Living Yoga teacher and practice regularly to gain long-term benefits!

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