A Special Training Plan for Body and Mind

The road to a body that’s in good shape doesn’t only pass through the gym, and a sharp mind requires more than just crosswords to continue helping you overcome those daily challenges. This is exactly what the following training system is meant for, giving you a plan for each day of the week. Each day will have a different activity for you that will help you burn calories, keep your body strong and your mind active.

A Special Training Plan for Body and Mind

In order to follow the plan you don’t need a gym membership or to buy expensive equipment, only a little willpower and 30-60 available minutes every day that will do you a world of good. Keep reading, and by the end of this article, you’ll realize how easy it is to live a healthy life and train your body and mind every day.

How does it work?

Physical exercise is an excellent way of keeping a mind healthy, so tells us the head of the Center for Brain Studies in Seattle, Dr. John Medina. The effort and the act of working the muscles both increase the blood flow throughout the body, which leads to a quick oxygen exchange and a rise in the creation of various chemicals that help us focus, solve problems and remember things for longer periods of time. The center conducted a study with adults who were not in the habit of performing physical exercise, and were asked to perform a light run for 30 minutes, 2-3 times a week. When they were tested again after a few weeks, there was a 30% rise in the participants’ ability to focus, remember and handle multitasking.

It’s important to note that this improvement isn’t permanent. In a follow-up study performed some time later, it was found that the participants who went back to their former lifestyle of low physical activity, lost the 30% improvement they previously gained. Now imagine what would happen if those participants, instead of just training 2-3 times a week, would train 7 days a week.

Even better, instead of imagining it, you can just try this training program and experience the change for yourselves.

Day 1: Walking outside

You may be surprised to hear this, but walking through the park, the woods, or any other natural environment is a lot more beneficial for the body than walking along the city streets. A study conducted by the University of Michigan found that spending time in a natural environment improves concentration and memory much better than an urban environment.

A natural environment calms the brain and allows it to deal more efficiently with information processing and memory processes we’re not even aware of most of the time. The air is cleaner, we are less disturbed by distractions and the very fact that you’re leaving your regular environment will encourage you to invest more time and effort into training. Also, although it is very common, try to avoid walking with earphones and listening to music. Though it helps to pass the time, music decreases the ability of the brain to concentrate.

Day 2: Yoga

Activities like yoga, meditation and Tai Chi have been known for quite some time to help keep our body flexible and steady. However, a study conducted in 2005 showed they also have a positive influence on the brain’s sensory perception. Professor Kathryn Kerer headed the study and tested people who meditated every day. She found that their sensory perception (touch, accuracy and reflexes) was abnormally high for their age group.

The movements of the yoga and tai chi exercises strengthen the muscles in our body and the nerves in the end of our extremities, so it’s much easier to keep our balance even as we get older.

A Special Training Plan for Body and Mind

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