Everyday Habits That Are Destroying Your Spine

4. Wearing the wrong shoes

Another cause for backaches is wearing uncomfortable shoes. A great way to reduce the strain on your legs is to choose a more high-quality shoe. If you prefer sneakers, or would rather wear boots when the weather gets cold, put on socks to reduce friction and discomfort.

everyday habits that destroy the spine

5. Not getting enough rest

We rarely ever pay enough attention to the first alarming signs like a hardly noticeable backache. But, if you ever feel a slight discomfort in your back, it’s vital that you take a rest. In addition, in order to reduce extra strain on your muscles, lie down and put your feet up.

6. A job you hate

Scientists from Australia have discovered that backaches are widely spread among people who feel unhappy at their job. But researchers didn’t find any physiological problems – the pain is purely psychological.

Everyday Habits That Are Destroying Your Spine

7. Too much mental work

Everyday Habits That Are Destroying Your Spine

Sometimes, thinking too much can lead to backaches. So try to think about something other than work and your problems. Be sure to give yourself some time to rest. You can also engage in some sports, or watch a movie to help keep your mind off of your stressful problems. Thinking about something else can lessen your chances of getting a backache.

8. We avoid movement to not experience back pain

Avoiding sports, especially the kind that requires the flexibility of the spine (such as yoga). It’s important to keep moving and keep your muscles relaxed when they move and stretch slowly. As time progresses, gradually increase the number of exercises and their complexity and continue to move.

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