Health Benefits Of Surya Namaskar

Health Benefits Of Surya Namaskar

Health benefits of Surya Namaskara (Thinkstock body)

Suryanamaskar or the Indian ritual of saluting the sun comprises a rhythmic combination of yogic postures and breathing exercises.

The complete series includes 12 basic postures performed in cyclical pattern to benefit all three levels of human consciousness: Physical, mental and spiritual. However, for beginners to understand the true significance and impact of each position, the entire series should be broken down and practiced one posture at a time. We list out health benefits of this whole body workout aasan.

1) Pranam Asana: This pose induces a state of concentration and calmness. This is a pose where one meditates to the Sun God.

2) Hastautthan Asana: It helps in stretching the whole body. It helps correct the spinal arch and also improves the integrity of the spine. Try and reach as high as you can to get a better stretch.

3) Padahasta Asana: This asana helps in reducing excess weight in the abdominal region. Helps in eliminating bloating, improves digestion and helps to remove constipation. Practicing this asana improves blood circulation, makes spine supple and tones spiral nerves. This asana helps inculcate the bhava (attitude) of humility.

4) Ashwa-sanchalan Asana: This asana improves the overall health of the body and strengthens the back, abdomen and thigh muscles. Promotes mobility of the knee joints, strengthens the body to maintain good posture and prevent back problems. As there is a stretch on the neck , it is also beneficial to the functioning of the thyroid gland.

5) Adho Mukha Svanasana: This asana helps in boosting one’s self confidence. Because of the increased blood flow to the upper body and the shoulder stand it helps in improving brain function and reduce anxiety and depression. Strengthens and tones the arms and legs. Also helps in lengthening the spine.

6) Ashtang Namaskar: This pose besides strengthening the leg and arm muscles develops the chest and gives flexibility to the region of spine between the shoulder blades.

7) Urdhva Mukha Svanasana: This pose keeps the spine supple, improving circulation in the back region and toning the spinal nerves. It tones and stimulates the abdominal muscles and organs. Stretches muscles of the chest and shoulder. Also increases lung capacity and relieves asthma.

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