Ice Therapy May Do Wonders To Your Skin

For better or worse, your face is the first thing the world notices about you. It’s for this reason that I invest so much (too much!) time ensuring I look my best by making use of expensive skin care products. I always thought this was a wise investment, but I have recently discovered a method that’s even better, easier and cheaper: cryotherapy.
Not only is cryo or ice therapy relaxing and therapeutic it will also improve your skin by rejuvenating it and making it look healthy and radiant again. Whether you opt for green tea, cucumber or other novel cubes, all you really need for cryotherapy is plenty of ice.

Important Information About Ice Therapy:

Ice Therapy May Do Wonders To Your Skin

• Make sure your face is clean before beginning.
• Always wear gloves when holding ice cubes, in order to protect your hands.
• Never let ice make direct contact with your skin. Avoid this by covering the ice with either a soft cloth or plastic bag.
• Do not apply any ice packs to your body for longer than 1 hour, otherwise, you are at risk of skin burns.
• You can gain even more skin benefits by making cucumber, green tea, horsetail tea or garlic ice cubes.

The following 6 tips will work best when combined with both regular exercise and a good, healthy diet:

1. Make Your Skin Smoother

Try this simple tip in the evenings or before you go to sleep: after washing your face, fill up a plastic bag with some ice, then use it to massage your face and neck for approximately three minutes. You should see results in a matter of moments, with your skin becoming smoother and fresher. This will also help you sleep better and even help prevent wrinkles.

2. Banish Acne

Ice Therapy May Do Wonders To Your Skin

Ice therapy is a terrific method for clearing your skin of acne. To do this, first, wash your face as normal. Then wrap one ice cube up in a napkin or soft cloth. Press this gently against your spot or troubled area for between three and five minutes. You’ll be stunned by the results.

3. Prevent and Reduce Wrinkles

Massage your face daily, perhaps before applying makeup, for around one minute to improve blood circulation to your facial skin. The increased circulation is known to prevent premature aging and wrinkling.

4. Shrink Open Pores

Ice Therapy May Do Wonders To Your Skin

If your pores are too opened out, try this ice therapy method. Simply rub a covered ice cube onto your face for two to three minutes. If you repeat this daily, you should notice your pores shrinking after a few days have passed.

5. Get Rid of Puffy Eyes

We get puffy eyes for many reasons, but the most common is through crying. To banish the tell-tale effects of this wrap 2 ice cubes in cloth pieces and place them over your closed eyes. Now carefully massage the inflammations for two minutes, making slow, circular motions.

6. Fight Stomach Fat

Ice Therapy May Do Wonders To Your Skin

For a home-made alternative to expensive cryotherapy sessions, try this fat-burning massage. Put an ice pack onto your stomach for 15 minutes, then take it away for three minutes. Repeat this for up to an hour (remembering that an hour is the upper limit). Ice actually turns white fat cells into brown cells. These brown fat cells are more easily and speedily burned by your natural metabolic processes.

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