Meditation: A Key To Develop Psychic Powers

You must have heard of this term several times and might be practicing too. But, meditation is not of one type or one way. It has got several steps and forms as per the requirement. This meditation is for you, not for your almighty or anyone else. You can perform it your way, without following strict steps. However, there are some simple steps mentioned here for you for attaining the meditation level.

1] Wear light shade clothes, preferably white.

2] Clothes should be loose enough to make you feel comfortable from all parts of your body.

3] Sit in a silent room, preferably dark (if you are not scared of darkness).

4] There should be no tensions in your mind, like somebody is about to come and you have to open the door or your mom is ill and she can call you anytime. Just tell everyone at home not to disturb you because you want to spend some private time with yourself.

5] Sit in the most comfortable position on a couch, preferably cushioned stool of height at least 2 feet.

6] Close your eyes and start breathing slowly.

7] Take full breaths and concentrate on third eye.

8] Relax your body, forget all troubles and make your mind tension free.

9] Concentrate on the scenes coming to your eyes, no matter how beautiful or horrible are they, let them flow. After some time, everything will be fine and you will feel very light like a feather.

10] Now, you will find that your imagination is taking you to a wonderful ride that you had never expected. They might turn horrible, fight with them. If they are beautiful, cherish them. And, if you believe in God or worship a deity, find them and talk to them. During this time you can ask them for anything you want. They will bless you.

11] Practice this act regularly on each day; you will start feeling more sensitive to the unseen and unheard things.

Meditation is the art that is being practiced since years. It is basically a part of Yoga but sometimes require assistance of a practitioner to save you from the troubles arising from deep meditation.

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