Reasons Why Drinking Cold Water Is Unhealthy

There’s nothing quite like a glass of ice water to cool down with on a summer’s day, but after reading the following information, you might want to think twice before reaching for the ice tray. When I first came across this information, it shocked me, but I thought that it was a highly relevant thing to share with you – these hidden dangers of drinking ice water aren’t very well-known. Here they are:

1. It can Lead to Extra Fat

The weight loss tip for drinking lots of cold water to force the body into doing more work and thus burn more calories isn’t completely true. This is because cold temperatures in the body cause fats to harden and congeal, making them harder for the body to digest.

2. Constipation

Although drinking water that’s at room temperature helps the digestive process, drinking ice water has the potential to cause constipation. Food solidifies and hardens as it passes through the body, while at the same time making intestines contract, which can lead to difficulty when you need to “go”.

3. Hinders Hydration

As aforementioned in previous points on this list, drinking ice water actually slows down your body’s rehydration process, rather than speeding it up. This is because the body needs to bring it up to temperature first before it can use it. The only exception to this rule is long distance runners, who appear to benefit from the delayed response mechanism for maintaining water levels when they’re on a long run.

4. Saps Energy

While drinking ice water can make you feel refreshed and stimulate you in the short term, it actually serves to drain your energy in the long run. This is because your body has to use extra energy to warm up the water and bring it up to its average temperature.

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