Sleep – Simple Leisure Erases Every Pain

Greatest pleasures in the world

Sleep - Simple Leisure Erases Every Pain

Undoubtedly one of the greatest pleasures in the world that is available absolutely free is:


Roughly one third of our life is spent sleeping and that is the time we actually forget all our worries, get complete relaxation and possibly enjoy the most.

The beauty of sleep is in the realty that we can indulge in it at anytime, it helps us recharge ourselves and it is an antidote for any and all worry.

SLEEP is therefore,

Simple Leisure that Erases Every Pain.

The beauty of sleep is best experienced when one is really tired and exhausted for then rest is what one craves for.

A good sleep not only relaxes us but refreshes and rejuvenates us thereby preparing us to continue our quest with renewed vigour and passion.

When we are disturbed and stressed, what we really should do is free our minds of the worries plaguing us.

This is near impossible because when we are awake our mind is constantly juggling various thoughts and ideas most of it centring around the problem we are trying to forget.

If we manage to get a sound sleep despite our anxieties, occasionally with the aid of a sleeping pill, it still helps us gather our wits and calm our nerves.

Relief from pain is best experienced when asleep and that accounts for the prescription of sleeping pills for those in pain and for those who are sleep deprived or who are prone to panic attacks and depression.

Not getting a good sleep can be symptomatic of many ills.

Some could be bodily ills manifesting itself in pain and discomfort that prevents one from having a good sleep.

Sleeplessness could often be a very significant indicator of worry.

When we are tense, anxious and confused sleep eludes us and occasionally when we do drift off to sleep, we have a disturbed sleep which really does not give us the rest and comfort we normally enjoy in a good sleep.

Ironically, sleep often gives us the space and time to delve into our subconscious mind and thereby often wake up getting innovative solutions to some of our problems, answers to some vexing issues and recoups our mental faculties and charges us up to renew our tryst with ordeal that we may have been challenged by.

It is ideally suggested that each one of us must enjoy 8 hours of sound sleep.

This varies from person to person but anyone who manages 8 hours of sound sleep can feel truly blessed.

It is essential that we do not feel guilty of enjoying our sleep at night particularly when told that many successful people can do with much less sleep.

The quality of sleep one gets matters much more than the quantity of sleep.

Catnaps is a technique of enjoying sound sleep for a limited time (normally during the afternoon after lunch) which is the equivalent of putting a mobile to charge up for then we too can be fully recharged after a catnap.

However, the compulsions of modern work ethics do not really permit many to have this luxury.

However, those who can indulge can experiment with it to check out its efficacy and suitability for your individual needs.

What is essential to remember is that SLEEP is:

Simple Leisure Erases Every Pain,

Be it physical pain or physiological pain.

Sleep - Simple Leisure Erases Every Pain

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