The 9 Healthiest Seeds You Must Add To Your Diet

2. Hemp Seeds

These are the seeds of the cannabis plant. Hemp may have great industrial benefits, but its seeds have even greater health benefits.


What’s in them?

Hemp seeds are the perfect source for all 20 amino acids, including the nine essential acids our body cannot produce on its own. They’re rich in a protein and are a great source for phytochemicals – chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants and are beneficial to our health.
Why you should eat them

If you care about your health, you should be eating hemp seeds. They’ll boost your immune system, bolster your cardiovascular system, and help in cell regeneration. The seeds do not contain THC (the active substance in Marijuana), and are perfectly safe and legal to consume.
What can you do with them?

The seed’s nutty flavor makes them great as an addition to a variety of foods:
Grind into hemp flour to bake with
Prepare hemp milk
Add to various pastries
Raw – as snacks

3. Pomegranate Seeds

This biblical fruit is also a divine source of health benefits.
What’s in them?

Rich in antioxidants, pomegranate seeds help you fight off the effects of free radicals, promoting the integrity and health of our cells. Among those antioxidants you can find polyphenols, which help to prevent cancer and heart disease. Like most other red fruits, pomegranates are rich in vitamin C, which is a natural booster for the immune system.
Why you should eat them

The antioxidants keep our body’s building blocks in good shape as well as prevent blood clots from forming. Another benefit is in maintaining the elasticity of our blood vessels, which helps blood flow. Finally, pomegranates also help maintain the integrity of the cartilage in our joints, preventing the onset of arthritis.
What can you do with them?

These delicious seeds have so much potential:
Added to green salad
Pomegranate chicken
As a delicious juice
As a topping for a cheesecake

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