The Health Benefits Of Ginger

The Health Benefits Of Ginger

Ginger or Zingiber officinale is a famous medicine and has been used for medicinal purposes since a long time. Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medical practice consists hundreds of medicines made by ginger. The birth place of the ginger is also said to be India and the name ginger is derived from Tamil word inji ver.

In India especially in rural areas ginger is being used as the best medicine for flu and cold and it is very effective. Ginger is also beneficial in various other diseases and various researches have found a number of medicinal benefits of this root. Here are some of the best health benefits of ginger.

1. As said before ginger is the best medicine in flu and cold. Just make a tea with ginger in it and feel the difference yourself. It works wonder to eliminate the cold and cough. Ginger has been also found beneficial in cure of food poisoning and stomach ache.

2. Recent researches have proved that ginger has the potential be a cancer remedy in future especially to cure ovarian cancer a common cancer among women.

3. Another research has shown that ginger is remarkably successful medicine for colon cancer. According to the research it slows the growth of colorectal cancer cells preventing colon cancer.

4. Ginger is a good medicine for diarrhea a leading cause of infant deaths in various countries.

5. Ginger is also equally effective to cure nausea caused by seasickness or morning sickness frequent among pregnant women.

6. In some areas ginger beer is also being used in order to make the digestive system of the body work better and also referred as stomach settlers.

7. Ginger is also useful as painkiller and provides comfort from various kinds of pains and inflammation.

8. Due to its ability to stop prostaglandins from causing pain and inflammation in blood vessels, ginger is also used as migraine relief.

9. Ginger has also the ability to reduce the chances of kidney damages or nephropathy among diabetic persons.

10. It is also believed that ginger is a good medicine for menstrual cramp relief and also helpful in curing of irregular menstrual cycles especially among teenage girls.

With these miraculous medical benefits ginger is a must have herb for every household. If you are not suffering from either of the disease mentioned above even then you must use ginger regularly to keep your health in a good shape.

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