The Miraculous Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera

11. Use it to remove dead cells and stretch marks
Aloe vera moisturizes the skin, and helps to remove dead cells, wrinkles and fine lines. The juice may also be used to remove stretch marks.

12. Use it to heal wounds
The blend may be used to heal cuts and wounds. It can also be used for dermatitis and insect bites when applied externally.

13. Use it to reduce eye irritation
It’s easy to create your own natural eye wash with aloe vera gel – just mix 2 teaspoons of aloe gel in a cup of water. You can also add a teaspoon of boric acid. It’s also the perfect remedy to reduce reddening and irritation in the eyes.

14. Use it to maintain gum health
Fresh aloe vera gel can be directly applied to the gums, reducing pain and inflammation. It can also be used to treat gum bleeding, caused by bacterial infection.

15. Use it to promote healthy weight loss
If you’d like to lose weight naturally, try aloe vera – an easy and natural weight loss solution that reduces weight by stabilizing the metabolic rate, reducing the lipid levels, and helping burn fat.

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