Your Emotions Are Causing You Physical Pain

5.Pain In Your LOWER BACK

Dr. Mark W. Tong, who has a doctorate in natural healing, tells Little Things, “Money and financial [issues] can be tied to back pain.” Similar to the lack of emotional support causing upper back pain, the lack of financial support may be putting unnecessary strain on your lower back. This may be a good time to ask for that overdue raise at work. You might even want to reevaluate your spending habits so you aren’t putting stress on yourself when the bills arrive each month.

6.Pain In Your ELBOWS

Dr. Alan Fogel writes in Psychology Today, “All emotions have a motor component.” When it comes to elbow pain, the soreness may have more to do with your own resistance to change than it does to bumping your funny bone. Stiffness in the elbow may mean you are being too stubborn or “stiff” in your daily life. This might be the perfect time to compromise with your partner over an ongoing argument. Maybe try out that new coffee place your friend has been suggesting. Change and compromise may just be your new best friends.

Keep reading to find out how other pains might affect you — especially if you have any powers in the lower half of your body.

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