Your Emotions Are Causing You Physical Pain

7.Pain In Your HANDS

According to Lori D’Ascenzo, Reiki practitioner and expert in kinesiology, “Hands reach out to others. Are you stifling your need to reach out and connect with others?” An inability to connect with others may be the cause of that palm pain. Working on making new friends might be your best path moving forward. Maybe it’s time to make an effort to meet the new neighbors. Maybe have lunch with a co-worker rather than dining alone. Connections may just be the key.

8.Pain In Your HIPS

Self-help guru and founder of Beyond Affirmations Barbara Clark writes, “Fear of movement can manifest as stiffness or pain in the hips – fear of moving into our future or of a change in the direction of our lives.” Your sore hips may just be a sign that you are resistant to moving forward or making major decisions. This may be the time to open that new business you’ve been thinking about — or maybe write that book that you’ve always wanted to write. Moving forward may be the key to releasing you from hip pain.

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