Your Emotions Are Causing You Physical Pain

9.Pain In Your KNEES

[size=130]Lawrence Michail, who writes about traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture, says, “Briefly, Knee problems may be said to indicate being stuck in the Ego, too proud to bend.” You may be giving yourself too much credit right now and that may be getting in your way. Chronic knee pain may be a result of an overactive ego. Now might be a good time to practice being humble. Maybe give credit for a job well done to a co-worker. You may need to resist the urge to brag if you want that soreness to alleviate.

10.Pain In Your CALVES

Dr. Laura Perry writes on her blog, “Trigger points in the calf muscles are also very likely to become activated by stress or emotional tension.” In this case specifically, jealousy and resentment may be causing the emotional tension behind your calf pain. This might be a good time to let go of old grudges and jealousies. Jealousy may be causing your sore calves, but it is also likely keeping you from appreciating what you have. Let it go!

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