Your Emotions Are Causing You Physical Pain

11.Pain In Your ANKLES

In her book My “Plane” Truth, author Jill Douglas writes, “Ankles represent the ability to receive pleasure.” Self-help guru Kathy Hadley writes the exact same thing verbatim. For some reason you may be resisting the more pleasurable aspects of life and this may be the cause of your chronic ankle pain. Now might be a good time to indulge yourself a little more. Maybe give your sweet tooth a treat and pick up some dark chocolate. You may even want to spice up your romantic life a bit. Pleasure may finally defeat pain!

12.Pain In Your FEET

Dr. Adaobi Anyeji, a California-based clinical psychologist, told Little Things, “When one is depressed, they often have negative self talk that contributes to… bodily discomfort and exacerbates already present physical conditions.” Too much negativity and not enough joy may be what is causing that chronic foot pain. Aside from literally kicking up your feet to give them a break, you may want to try letting go of those negative feelings you are holding onto. Enjoy the little things. Maybe you can look for joy in your new baby niece or nephew. You might want to find joy with a new pet or in a new hobby. A more joyful life may soon take the place of a more painful life.

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