Famous Methods of Hiring Employees

Cognizant Method:

Hire a lion… ask him to stay for late nights but give him no work to do.
give him gobi 65 to eat again and again.
hire 100 more lions but do not increase the space to sit
give them same gobi 65 to eat
hire 200 more……. and more …….

TCS method:

Hire a lion
give him hell a lot of work and pay him government salary lion dies of hunger and frustration

IBM’s metbod:

hire a lion, give him a pink slip in an hour… he dies of unemployment. ..

Syntel Method:

Hire a Cat …
assure him that he will eventually become a Lion once he reaches onsite and make sure that he never reaches onsite.
Cat dies in hope of becoming a Lion….

MBT method:

hire the lion, make him take 14 tests and tell him that if he doesn’t score 60% he will lose the job.
Lion dies of the strain?

i-Flex method:

Hire a lion???.oops cow, tell him he is a lion, send him in African safari for implementing flexcube in god forbidden territories, tell him if he comes alive he will get band movement (promotion) holy cow dies in fear of the real lion.

Polaris Method:

hire ..sorry….purchase a lion(COSL) ..
change his timings…(instead of 9 AM …change it to 8:30 AM)
cut down his allowance (coupons etc)
lion dies from fear of becoming CAT…..

Patni method:

hire a lion, give him a salary of a cat…
the lion dies before joining….

Wipro Method:

Hire a Lion,
give him a mail Id.
he will die recieving stupid mails all day……..! ! !!!

Accenture Method:

*Hire a lion…. **
Send him to chennai
Ask him to stay on bench for a long time
Ask him to eat idli,Dosa and Vada
No hindi, kannada or no other languages speaking ppl other than TAMIL…
No good food, No water..and specially No Beautiful girls
And say him “Go Ahead be a Tiger”.
Lion dies in confusion he is Tiger or lion……

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