8 Wise Quotes By Priyanka Chopra


7. “As a public figure I am an open book, but I am very private about my personal life and I will always be.”


“You can make time for anything, even love. We women are amazing at multitasking, if you want something you can get it. I am just someone who won’t make it public.”

8. Referring to her career in west, “I have an edge; I have been around for so long, so I know how to handle it.”

“The media here is hugely intrigued with who I am and what I do. I am different and they find that fascinating. I have never wanted to be anybody else, from anywhere else. Bruce Springsteen once said, “I don’t want to be rich, I don’t want to be famous and I don’t even want to be happy. I want to be great. That is exactly what I am looking for.”

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