10 Amazing Uses Of Honey You Never Knew About

The health benefits of honey are bountiful. From providing us with a fantastic source of energy to supporting a strong immune system to promoting better blood sugar control – its benefits are incredible. But while it may be an essential ingredient to add to your diet, there are a number of other surprising uses for honey too.

So, if you’re looking for more ways to use honey, here are a few things you can do outside the kitchen!

10 Amazing Uses Of Honey You Never Knew About

1. Use it to beautify your hair.

For beautiful hair, as well as the perfect remedy to control frizziness, just add 1 teaspoon of honey to a quart of warm water and dilute. After shampooing, soak your hair in the mixture (especially the ends), let it sit for a couple of minutes and rinse off. The result? A glossy finish!

2. Use it to give yourself a facial.

Honey is a natural ingredient that can be used to keep your skin moist. It also contains antimicrobial properties, allowing your skin to stay fresh and cleansed. Mix a dollop of honey with two tablespoons of warm water and massage it into the skin, rubbing it up and out.

3. Use it to remove parasites.

If after having come home from a vacation you’ve discovered that you have parasites, mix up a good blend of honey, water and vinegar – the perfect remedy to being parasite free.

10 Amazing Uses Of Honey You Never Knew About

4. Use it to clean cuts and scrapes.

One of the reasons that pure honey has no expiration date is due to its antimicrobial properties, making it an excellent natural antiseptic. Just slather a bit on scrapes, minor cuts or basic burns, lightly covering the wound.

5. Use it to relieve anxiety.

In India, honey has long been used to quell nervousness. So, to alleviate symptoms of anxiety, try blending it with a calming herbal tea before bed. For added benefits, try chamomile, fennel or lavender. Meanwhile, to start your morning off on a calm note, add honey to oatmeal – oats are another fantastic, natural remedy to reduce stress.

6. Use it to soothe cracked lips.

Making your own lip balm is easy. All it requires is some almond oil, beeswax and honey. Combine the ingredients together and apply a tad on your chapped lips.

7. Use it to soften dry elbows.

If you suffer from dry, itchy elbows, smear some honey over the affected area to soften the skin. Be sure to wash and scrub them before. Leave the honey on for half an hour, then wash off.

10 Amazing Uses Of Honey You Never Knew About

8. Use it to promote better sleep.

If you don’t have much trouble falling asleep, but tend to wake up in the middle of the night, it could be completely natural, or it could be due to stress hormones causing your adrenaline and cortisol levels to vary. A bit of salted honey, however, ought to do the trick. Combining both sweet and salty ought to help reset these hormones and get you back to sleep. You only need a small amount, so just a teaspoon should suffice.

9. Use it to soothe a hangover.

If after a good night out you wake up with a throbbing headache, instead of popping an aspirin, spread some honey on your toast, or just add a teaspoon to your tea. This remedy works because honey is full of fructose, which speeds up the metabolism of alcohol.

10. Use it to help root plants.

Honey can promote growth in plants and will also help prevent disease from affecting root cuttings. Simply mix one part raw honey with three parts boiling water. Let it cool, then dip the plant cutting into the mixture before planting it.

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