10 Jobs That Pay Well Without College Degree

Were you told you need to go to a 4 years university in order to land a high paying career?

While there are lots of good reasons to go to college, you don?t need a bachelor?s degree to have access to jobs that pay well. In fact, rising tuitions costs has meant that college isn?t an option for a lot of people unless they have generous parents, are willing to take on massive student loans, or have a coveted scholarship.

If you?re looking for a high paying job that doesn?t require a college degree, check out these 10 potential career options:

01. Alaskan Crab Fisherman

10 Jobs That Pay Well Without College Degree

Alaskan crab fishermen (Photo Credit ? gillfoto)

Average salary:$27,000 for approx. 2 months of work.
Top 10% salary: $100,000+

Job description ? As far as high paying jobs without college go, Alaskan crab fishing has to be near the top of the list. Once at the top of the list of most dangerous jobs, Alaskan crab fishing has gotten significantly safer in recent years, and more profitable as well. Thanks to new government regulations and quotas, this profession that saw an average of 7.3 fatalities per year in the 1990s experienced only 1 death in the past 6 years.

Alaskan Crab fisherman only work for around 4-8 weeks of the year during the king and snow crab seasons, but this can involve long shifts of 21 hours on average. It can also involve grueling, arduous physical work that includes:

Setting and retrieving crab pots
Sorting the catch and returning small catch into the ocean
Removing dead crabs from the tank
Cleaning and maintaining the deck of the ship
Experience and training: No formal experience required, though crab fisherman usually need to work a few seasons as a deckhand before becoming a fisherman who shares in the crew?s profits.

Additional qualifications: Alaskan crab fisherman need to be extremely physically fit to manipulate the heavy crab pots and perform physical labor for long shifts, often up to 21 hours. Mental toughness is also a must.

02. Air Traffic Controller

10 Jobs That Pay Well Without College Degree