12 Facts That Can Surely Make You Smile

There are times when the world can seem like a fairly negative, cynical place. But, after looking pass the news headlines you will find that this big, beautiful planet isn’t just a haven of bad news. To prove this, let’s take a look at 12 happy facts, we are certainly will raise your spirits.

1. Seahorses Get “Married”

12 Facts That Can Surely Make You Smile

It may surprise you to learn that seahorses tend to be monogamous and will intertwine their tails to stick together while moving through the ocean. But is it because they are loving? The truth is that seahorses are pretty bad swimmers and spend a lot of time hiding from predators. So, in finding a mate for life, it boosts their chances of successful reproduction.

2. Male Puppies Let Female Puppies Win Play Fights

In the canine world, chivalry isn’t dead. Adorable male puppies will pretend to be more vulnerable and allow female puppies to win, in an effort to keep the game going longer. This will also enable them to get closer to the female. Studies have found that when female puppies play with females or male with males, everyone plays to win.

3. Times Square NYE Confetti is Literally Made of Dreams and Wishes

12 Facts That Can Surely Make You Smile

Each year, at the end of the year, the Times Square Center puts up a ‘wishing wall’ encouraging people to write their hopes, wishes and dreams for the New Year on post-its, sticking them on the wall. And just when it is time for the ball to drop and confetti to fly, these post-its are included in the confetti showers. It is also possibly for you to submit your wish online by the December 28, should you be unable to make it to New York.

4. Your Heartbeat Syncs Up With Your Partner’s

Research from UC Davis has found that when you look into a loved one’s eyes – in particular a romantic partner, your heartbeat and breathing will sync up. This is called interpersonal synchronization. It also accounts for the phenomenon where you finish each other’s sentences.

5. Penguins Propose and Stick Together for Life

12 Facts That Can Surely Make You Smile

Male penguins search for the smoothest, shiniest pebble to court a female penguin. Should she accept, this will be the first stone that builds the nest in preparation for the eggs that will lay in it. If male penguins have trouble finding their own, some will steal from other males.

6. Cars Are Now Designed to Keep Dogs Safe on Hot Days

Anyone who owns a Tesla can now leave their dogs in the car, locked and with the AC running. In addition, a display message on the large touchscreen will state ‘my owner will be back soon’ and it will also feature the temperature within the vehicle to let all passerby know that your furry friend is safe, and not judge you.

7. There’s a Valentine’s Day for Single People in South Korea

12 Facts That Can Surely Make You Smile

South Koreans are big believers in romantic equality. While they celebrate the regular Valentine’s Day on February 14th, they also have a White Day a month later. On this day women give chocolates and romantic gifts to men. Then on April 14th, known as Black Day, singles can rejoice in their singledom which is most often celebrated by wearing black and eating a special noodle dish called jajangmyeon.

8. A Group of Bunnies Is Called a “Fluffle”

baby bunnies are called kittens, and when a rabbit jumps and squirms in the air, that move is called a binky. So, when you are at a rabbit-jumping event, you could find a fluffle of bunnies and kittens working on their binky skills.

9. Sundaes Really Are Named After Sundays

12 Facts That Can Surely Make You Smile

Sundaes have actually gotten their name from the best day of the week. During the 1890s, a few states had passed laws that prohibited the sale or consumption of ice cream sodas on a Sunday. It was perceived to be immoral and improper for religious reasons. Ice cream lovers, however, found a loophole by serving ice cream with toppings. Which eventually became known as the Sunday, and later sundae.

10. Cows Have Best Friends

Did you know that cows have dedicated friends they spend day in and day out with? When they are separated they get stressed. But once reunited with their bestie, their heart rates significantly drop to normal levels. These findings could greatly benefit the dairy industry. In addition, it has been proven that happier cows make more and more nutritious milk.

11. The Actors Who Played Minnie and Mickey Actually Fell in Love and Got Married

12 Facts That Can Surely Make You Smile

Wayne Allwine started as a mail clerk in Disney Studios, he worked his way up to be Mickey’s voice in production in 1977. In 1986, Russi Taylor joined Disney Studios as Minnie’s voice. At the time, both Allwine and Taylor were unhappily married. They met in passing in the halls and became great friends. Eventually they left their previous marriages to live happily ever after with one another.

12. Your Dog Dreams About You

According to Harvard psychologists, when dogs dream, they dream about their owners because their REM cycles and brain patterns are similar to ours. Cats likely dream about hunting prey. This was based on one sleep study observation where a scientist ‘turned off’ a part of the cat’s brain that restricts movement during REM sleep. When they were dreaming and movement was not restricted, they’d get up, arch their backs, hiss, and pounce).

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