12 Reasons Why Juttis Are The Coolest Slip Ons Ever

There are the ballet flats, crocs and of course, Steve Madden’s strapy flats, but nothing can beat our traditional jutti’s. Here are 12 reasons why it deserves the label of being the coolest slip on ever!

1. It serves the purpose of both flip flops and shoes.

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Flip flops because it is damn easy to slip your feet inside it and shoes because your feet are entirely covered. Also, if the jutti has a nice strong sole, it will last forever!

2. It is perfect for any occasion.

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Weddings or other formal occasions, wearing a jutti is never a fail. Even wearing it with a jeans and a white shirt will land you endless compliments.

3. And the varieties never end.

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Simple, colorful, with sequences or with simple golden piping, there is just no dearth of Jutti styles. In fact, a lot of Indian designers have ventured into making customized juttis and they are doing a good job.

4. They are not really heavy on the pocket

Pretty Galz And Their Ugly Faces

They are really affordable and can never look bad.

5. Keeping alive the traditional feel

Pretty Galz And Their Ugly Faces

Of course, Jutti’s are made in the villages of Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan. They are made by craftsmen, embroiders who have learnt from the best. Some of them had Jutti making as their ancestral business.

6. We love the fact that they are just so Indian.

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They are the best thing to give to your NRI relatives- reasonable, fancy and ethnic.Three in one, definitely a win-win.

7. They are very convenient to hide your chipped nail paint

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No need to tie laces or struggle to tie any straps, simply put them on. No hassle at all. If someone turns to your house on a short notice and you don’t want to show them your dirty feet, you know what to do.

8. Source of inspiration for many Punjabi songs

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Enter Punjab and you’ll hear the most bizarre songs , the inspiration of which is our very own ‘jutti’. One of them is ‘ Jutti da Kasoor." And believe you me, you cannot miss that number.

9. Mothers in Punjab are extremely dependent on it

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Especially from Mummy – "Mein ten juttiyaan marni hai," and "Chal hat! Jutti meri." From hitting the kids to threatening them, Jutti has been a Punjabi mother’s unconditional support.

10. Look equally good on men and women both

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Undoubtedly. The girls can carry them with a lot of grace and boys who wear jutti’s belong create a very different style statement.

11. You can skate with them

Pretty Galz And Their Ugly Faces

Blame the rugged sole, you can actually skid on the floor, but that’s fun right?

12. Unlike loafers, they are sorted

Pretty Galz And Their Ugly Faces

You cannot wear socks with jutti’s. And if you wearing, then my friend, you’re a fashion disaster.

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