15 Self Defense Tips For A Woman Alone

Most men will never understand what it is like being a woman alone on the street. Where men walk with confidence, certain they can deal with most physical threats, a woman doesn’t have that sense of confidence. Many women are scared every day, because they know that if a man decides to attack them, they won’t stand a chance against his enhanced strength.

That is why women carry pepper spray and rape whistles, but even those only work part of the time, and that’s if the woman had time to get to them. It’s just as important to be aware of a few simple tips and techniques that can help you escape or survive your attack unmolested.

Here are 15 tips and tricks to help you out if the worst happens:

15 Self Defense Tips For A Woman Alone

1. Show that you’re aware:

Show the environment that you are aware of what’s happening around you. Potential assailants prefer women that seem distracted or preoccupied. If you look assertive and aware, they might never initiate the assault.

2. Prepare your body:

If you sense danger, immediately go to a starting fighting position. Move your hands close to your chest, place your right foot a bit ahead of the left and tilt your body forward. Your body is now ready for a physical confrontation.

3. Don’t let the hair get in the way:

Many attackers will choose the hair as an easy target to grab. It’s better to let your hair out and tuck it into your collar.

4. Have a weapon to reach for:

An umbrella, a set of keys or a pen can make all the difference in a moment of crisis. Remember where they are and be prepared to draw them if you feel threatened.

5. Call for help:

Calling for help may not provide it but it may scare the attacker enough to allow you to escape. Many women get confused and don’t know what to scream. Shouting ‘fire’ for instance, can be better and more attention grabbing than simply yelling ‘help’.

6. Know the weak spots in the body:

If you do find yourselves in a physical confrontation, you can scratch, pull, hit or grab, as you aim directly to one of the five weak spots: Eyes, nose, neck, knees and groin!

15 Self Defense Tips For A Woman Alone

7. Don’t be scared to fight:

Many women are scared to strike back because they are scared of their assailant’s anger, or are afraid to hurt themselves. The punch you give may hurt you, but the pain is minor and if it’s enough to allow you to escape – it’s well worth it.

8. Take and opportunity to run:

If you’ve identified a good time to run away from the confrontation, do it. Escaping is always better than confronting, and these opportunities will not present themselves a second time.

9. Keep your ears open:

Don’t listen to music while walking through a bad neighbourhood, and don’t play things on your cellphone. You should be aware of your surroundings and be able to hear your attackers coming.

10. Use things around you:

Look for stuff that might scare him away, break a window, turn on a car alarm or let some trash cans fly.

11. Remain calm:

The worst thing is to panic. This is of course a very stressful situation, but keeping your cool will do much more to save you.

How to escape various holds:

1. Chocked from the back:

Use your heel to scratch the attacker’s lower leg, inflicting sharp pain he can’t ignore.

2. Held from the back:

Hit your head backwards or kick your heel in the direction of the crotch.

15 Self Defense Tips For A Woman Alone

3. Head squeeze:

Take hold of his leg to get him to lose his grip and fall.

4. Escaping a choke hold:

Bend down and lean forward. Give him a good head butt on the chin so he bites his tongue, and finish with a strong kick to the groin.

15 Self Defense Tips For A Woman Alone

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