9 Effective Ways To Keep The Cats Away

If you’re fed up of the neighborhood cats using your flower beds as their litter box, and are looking for a safe, but effective way to protect certain areas of your home from cats, here are some very effective natural cat repellents for every situation.

9 Effective Ways To Keep The Cats Away

Tap Water

Most cats don’t like to get wet, and this is why a spray bottle filled with tap water works well. So, when you catch a cat in an area you want them to avoid, a squirt or two will be enough to train your cat.

Keep Cats Off Furniture and Countertops

To do so, use aluminum foil or sandpaper. These options make the surface of these items uncomfortable to walk on. Aluminum foil, sandpaper and double sided-tape also work as a natural cat repellent on furniture, as they are unpleasant on your cat’s paws. Carpet runners flipped upside down work to keep cats out of specific rooms.


When appropriately used, string makes for an excellent cat repellent. Place it along the top of your wood or vinyl fences. This will make it uncomfortable for the cat to walk along or across. You can also use oil on top of wire fences.

9 Effective Ways To Keep The Cats Away

Motion Activated Sprinkler

A great way to keep cats out of your yard. The sprinkler is activated by a motion sensor when a cat gets too close. As the sprinkler is enabled, the cat will be greeted with an alarm and a quick squirt of water.

Ground Covers to Prevent Cats

The last thing you want to see in your flower garden is cat poop from a stray cat. To keep them out, spread mulch, pine cones, or gravel as cats will avoid walking on them due to their texture. Coffee grounds combined with citrus peels also works well.

Plants as a Natural Cat Repellent

When planted around your garden beds, certain plants work as a repellent for cats because of their smell. Use plants like Coleus canina, rue, or lavender. These plants can be along the border of your flower beds or intermixed throughout your garden.

9 Effective Ways To Keep The Cats Away

Simple Citrus Cat Repellent

Use equal parts orange juice and water to create a simple homemade cat repellent, spraying it along windows, outdoor furniture etc, keeping cats away. Be mindful that orange juice, along with other citrus juices can bleach fabrics, so use with caution.

Garlic, Lemon, Pepper Cat Repellent Spray

A homemade cat repellent made from 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper, 1 teaspoon dry mustard, 1 teaspoon cinnamon, 1 garlic clove, crushed, 3 drops of lemon essential oil, water. For different pleasing scents you can substitute grapefruit, lime or wild orange essential oil in place of the lemon. Black pepper can also be used instead of cayenne pepper.

Vinegar Cat Repellent

This works both indoors and outdoors. It can be sprayed directly on the area, or it can be applied to a cloth and wiped onto specific spots. Make a mix of white vinegar, water, dish soap.

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