Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal

Men and women want to look their best and there is a great demand for hair removal using lasers. Laser hair removal is a long term solution with no side effects and best results. Laser hair removal has been used as a cosmetic treatment since the past decade with increasing popularity. It works for all areas of the body like the face, chin, arms, or even the whole body.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laser Hair Removal

The treatment is spread over a few weeks or months, depending on the amount of hair removal required. The doctor holds the laser beam of the requisite intensity for a specified duration. This exposure destroys hair follicles and retards or eliminates hair growth, without harming the healthy skin cells. The doctor uses a protective gel at the tip of the machine so as not to harm the skin under treatment. The duration of laser depends on the area of the body. Laser hair removal shows best results on individuals with fair skin and darker hair. Some people may need to repeat the laser hair removal process after a few years in case the hair grows back.

When opting for laser treatment always choose a skilled doctor with the requisite training and experience. This minimizes the chances of injury during treatment and guarantees the best results. Never compromise on quality to save some money as the damages to the body can be permanent. Discuss the pros and cons of the treatment, including side -effects, skin sensitivity and so on. Always consult the doctor about the precautions to be taken during and after laser hair removal. Tell the doctor about skin allergies, the medication being taken or other medical conditions, to avoid any ill -effects of the laser treatment.

Usually the person must avoid exposure to the sun during the course of treatment as this can result in sunburn. Avoid use of cosmetics and creams over the treated area as it can irritate the skin. Do not wash the treated area forcefully as the skin is tender. Do not undertake rigorous exercise as the perspiration can aggravate the pain in the treated area.

Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

* Laser hair removal is painless and bloodless.

* Laser treatment is safe for sensitive areas near the eyes and mouth.

* Laser hair removal gives smooth skin and enhances the beauty of the person.

* The treatment is quick and more effective than any other method of hair removal like shaving or waxing.

Disadvantages of laser hair removal

* The laser treatment is expensive, so not everyone can afford it.

* Some people with very sensitive skin may develop skin darkening that disappears within a few hours.

* In rare cases there maybe crust formation that subsides with application of moisturizer.

* If adequate care is not taken to cover the eyes, the person’s vision may be affected due to the intense laser beam.

* It can result in migraines in some sensitive individuals.

* Some persons may experience a tingling sensation that subsides with time.

* There may be new hair growth in some individuals.

* Laser hair removal is not very effective on gray or blonde hair.

People with skin infections, diabetes or cancer must consult their doctor before opting for laser treatment. Laser hair removal is also not advisable for pregnant women and those below seventeen years.

Thus, laser hair removal has many advantages and disadvantages. Hence use this new age treatment with caution and care.

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