Are We Really Wealthy?

Are We Really Wealthy?

Have you heard about rich people who are not happy at times?

Do you know about those people who have a very good job, they are earning well but complaining that they are not happy?

Who is a wealthy person? Do you think that a person is wealthy when he or she has lots and lots of money?

I think there is more to wealth than money only.

We all are wealthy in one way or the other. Really Believe me!

In my view, a wealthy person is always happy. Why?

Because there are seven types of wealth:

1. Inner wealth:

Having a positive mental attitude is a type of wealth. Positive people with positive outlook of the world can be happy ? Always.

Try this: Have a positive mental attitude and try to be sad at the same time. I don?t think its possible. With positive attitude, life appears to be positive. Inner wealth really helps.

2. Physical wealth:

Health is wealth! A person who is not healthy cannot enjoy life. If you want to learn importance of wealth, ask some one who is not feeling well.

3. Family wealth:

Do you have loving parents or a caring brother or sister or friends who can come to your help at any time you want? Family and friends are another form of wealth.

Are We Really Wealthy?

4. Career wealth:

When we reach at the top of our career, we feel a sense of fulfillment. This is another type of wealth.

5. Economic wealth:

Money is not the only important thing in life but it is one of the important things and hence, it is needed. Some one said: The more I have, the more I can give. So, earn more to give more.

6. Adventure wealth:

We feel happy when we visit new place or meet new exciting people. We feel happy when we are able to take a challenge and deliver more than expectation. Adventure is another form of wealth

7. Impact wealth:

What is our mission in life?

What is the impact we can make on our environment? Can we do some thing to improve life of people who need our support or help? Think about it. People who have impact around their environment show that they have impact wealth.

So, next time, think that you are wealthy when you have inner wealth. When you have a caring family or caring friends or when you are healthy or when you progress in your career you are wealthy! Think and thank!

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