Cardio For Six Pack Abs

Cardio For Six Pack AbsCardiovascular training or cardio as we know it, is an aerobic solution that allows for more oxygen to be pumped through your body and hence burn more energy, muscle or fat. Latest research suggests that if you want six pack abdominals and a physique like a 100 meter sprinter, then less is actually more. So whats the best cardio for a six pack.

H.I.T.T. – High Intensity Interval Training.

What is it? Well it basically makes you work slightly harder with less time. So forget about the age old notion of spending hours on the treadmill. All you really need is 20 minutes, at a varied pace. Here is why, new research has found that long state steady cardio can actually start burning muscle for energy. Now, muscle is your fat burner, yes, the more lean muscle you have the higher your metabolism. So why would you want to burn your muscles?
On the other hand HITT is anaerobic, like weight training, as the intensity is varied. After a resistance training session your metabolism is continually raised as it tries to repair your body. Enter Interval Training, which is exactly the same. After slow and boring low intensity cardio your metabolism returns to normal, however with HITT your body’s’ metabolism is raised for up to the next 24 hours, sometimes up to 48 hours! So train with Intensity.
So when it comes to cardio for a six pack, next time your at the gym on your chosen cardio machine or going for a jog…try this.

For the next 20 minutes –

Warm up for 4 minutes.
Run at 8.0 kmh for 1 minute (your level 6-7)
Walk or slow jog at 5-6 kmh for 2 minutes (your level 5)
Run at 9.0 kmh for 1 minute (your level 7-8)
Walk or slow jog at 5-6 kmh for 2 minutes (your level 5)
Run at 10.0 kmh for 1 minute (your level 8-9)
Walk or slow jog at 5-6 kmh for 2 minutes (your level 5)
Run at 11.0 kmh for 1 minute (your level 9-10)
Walk or slow jog at 5-6 kmh for 2 minutes (your level 5)
Cool down for 4 minutes.

Above is a hill style of HITT training. There are many more. I will finish asking you a question when it comes to cardio for six pack abs. Would you prefer to look like a marathon sprinter who runs at a constant steady pace for a long period of time or would you like to look like a muscular 100m sprinter?

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