Deadly Effects Of Too Much Sitting

Do you know that sitting for too long, i.e. for more than 8 hours, can significantly increase your chances of suffering from heart disease, diabetes and cancer while shortening your lifespan?

Although it?s still not clear as to how sitting can lead to poor health, one of the causes that researchers cite is a fall in metabolic activity, which has an adverse effect on your body?s fat and sugar levels, making you vulnerable to various health disorders.

Ideally, sitting or any sedentary activity associated with sitting shouldn’t make up more than 4-5 hours of your day. Several studies have revealed how sitting for long hours can be bad for your health:

Deadly Effects Of Too Much Sitting

  • It increases your chances of dying from Cardiovascular disease by 18%
  • You face an increased risk (about 17%) of dying from Cancer if you sit for a very long
  • Prolonged sitting can cause your risk of suffering from Type 2 Diabetes increase by 91%

    To negate the effects that sitting might have on your health, you need to move around or stand up from time to time. You might begin by standing as often as you get the chance to, or try to walk if your work allows you to. Other strategies that you could adopt are:

  • Instead of sitting, have your lunch or talk on the phone standing
  • Increase your physical activity by taking the stairs
  • Take 1-3 minutes break every 30 minutes to stand or walk around
  • Exercise or stand when watching TV
  • Lastly, try to lessen your daily sitting period by 15 20 minutes every day

    When you’re standing or moving, you end up improving your metabolism, which is responsible for fat and sugar burning. As a result, there?s an increase in your energy levels, which in turn increases your stamina and also helps in shedding off the extra kilos. When you sit, these processes stop performing, thereby increasing your chances of suffering from various diseases.

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