How to Make Yourself Difference from Others

How to Make Yourself Difference from Others

37 Ways to Make a Difference to Yourself and Others

– By Anolia Orfrecio Facun

"Making a difference" is not just a scheduled event or activity, but a moment any time when a person finds it in his/her heart to do something good, to care or to share, or to make a voluntary contribution to another individual, a community, or our society.

When we consciously give or do whatever we can to help maintain the wellness of individuals and families in our communities, these acts also contribute to the best quality of life of everyone in our society.

Let us continue to gather more bright ideas for our own lives and our surroundings.

Let’s now begin to count the ways and put them into action..

The TIME has come… We say ‘No more to gloom and doom!’

It is time to rise to our true potential… to experience total wellness in every area of our lives, contributing to solutions to maintain the quality of life we enjoy in our communities.

It is time for each of us to care more, to shine, and to carry the light of HOPE everywhere!

No one individual or one group, not even our government, can do it alone!

This is the time that we need each other most, to work together, joining our hands together in making a difference.

How to Make Yourself Difference from Others


1. Smile more often! Be amazed of how many will be happy to smile back at you. Besides, this is the best facial exercise you can make to delay aging signs — so smile!

2. Eat right! Boost your immune system by eating more natural food, like fresh fruits and vegetables. This alone can significantly reduce your weight and health concerns.

3. Exercise regularly. The reason is not just to lose weight, but it’s a great habit to maintain good health by improved circulation, elimination of body toxins, etc.

4. Drink water more than ‘colored drinks’ for your health. Water has no sugar or additives.

5. Read and learn more. Devote time and money for self-improvement, the best investment you can make that truly pays off.

6. Love, care, give, and share more. This practice is the very purpose of your life.

7. Keep believing. Pray. Nurture your spirit. This won’t cost you any, but help or answer to your needs can be just a prayer away.


8. If you love them, then say it and show it! Do not take them for granted. They need both to hear and see you care.

9. Spend more quality time with them. It is what they’ll remember most.

10. Visit, write, call those you haven’t for a while.

For our SENIORS:

11. Give a helping hand and cheers — cooking, cleaning, or whatever they are limited to.

12. Give a ride or offer to carpool with them whenever there’s a need.

13. Involve them on activities that will continue to stimulate their senses, or they can contribute their gathered wisdom.


14. Walk or create programs for youth to benefit them and rally for their good future.

15. Give them more opportunities to explore and develop their natural gifts and talents, express their dreams and goals.

16. Encourage our children more by your words and example. Stay positive! .

For our VETERANS: (For the freedom we now enjoy is due to their sacrifices.)

17. Send cards or anything to show you remember and appreciate them.

18. Recognize them and give a smile, a salute, or high-five when you see them around.

19. Support their events and fundraising efforts to help them.

For our HOMELESS Citizens: (Just like you and me, they need care and understanding. )

20. Encourage them by taking time to help them get the help they need/resources to get back on track.

21. Volunteer in your local shelters. There are many ways you can help or contribute.

22. Help create more programs to help them get out of their situation.

For our VOLUNTEERS: (For helping us make things happen.)

23. Big "thank you!" note or anything to show your appreciation of them.

24. Join them and be prepared to do a random act of kindness anytime.

25. How about "volunteers appreciation day" to celebrate them and have a good break?

For our ENVIRONMENT: (We only have one planet, so we must take care of it.)

26. Clean and plant trees with your workmates, neighbors, etc. anywhere permissible.

27. Recycle consciously, not just plastics and papers, but clothes and others you can share. Clean up your closet, garage, or storage for everything that you don’t need. Do a yard sale or simply drive to or call local charities for pickup. This is one recycling to meet needs of others.

28. Learn more of what’s causing the global warming and contribute to preventions/ solutions.

For ALL of US:

29. Sing, dance, be happy no matter what. Brighter days are yet to come!

30. Speak the truth. Seeking the truth can set someone free.

31. Notice and say something good or positive to someone, and mean it.

32. Learn survival techniques. Always be prepared for any emergency.

33. Accept yourself. You are gifted and blessed more than you know.

34. Be forgiving and understanding as you seek forgiveness and understanding.

35. Learn how to budget or how to manage your money. Spend only on needs and the money that you actually have.

36. Be involved in your community in making good things happen!

37. Will you support me on my personal goal to make a difference (i.e., to reach at least three million people everywhere to bring HOPE and more OPPORTUNITIES for people to live better lives)?

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