How to Smell Good Without Perfume?

How to Smell Good Without Perfume?

When we want to smell good, most of us reach for a bottle of expensive perfume. Unfortunately, perfume can be expensive and it can smell a bit unnatural and overwhelming particularly if applied to heavily. Not to mention the chemicals found in a bottle of commercial perfume or cologne. Need an alternative? Here’s how to smell good without perfume.


How to Smell Good Without Perfume?

Step 1

Use a light dusting of baby powder.

Baby powder adds a subtle hint of scent without being overpowering. It smells so light and fresh that you can wear it almost anywhere. It’s particularly nice to apply baby powder before you head for the exercise club. The powder tends to absorb some of the perspiration you’ll produce during exercise.

Step 2

Use essential oils.

To smell good without perfume, carry a vial of essential oil with you when you go out. Whenever you need a scent pick-me-up, dab a tiny amount of your favorite fragrance behind your ear. It’s fresh and all natural.

Step 3

Avoid smoking.

The smell of smoke can permeate your clothes and give you a stale smell that not even a good perfume can cover up.

Step 4

Use a heavily scented shampoo.

To smell good without perfume, find a shampoo with a scent you like that lasts for more than a few hours after you wash your hair. There’s something ultra sexy about hair that smells freshly washed. Why drown it out with perfume?

Step 5

Use a scented body lotion.

A scented body lotion gives a more subtle scent than a heavy spray of perfume. Perfume can be overwhelming particularly in warm weather. A scented body lotion gives just the right hint of fragrance.

Step 6

Bathe and use deodorant every day.

To smell good without perfume, you need to keep your body clean and free of perspiration odors. Make it a habit to bathe on a daily basis and after your daily workout.

How to Smell Good Without Perfume?

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