Important Information On Dealing With A Dog Attack

No matter how much you love dogs, it’s fair to say that not all dogs in the world love you! Seeing as dogs are highly instinctive animals, it will be useless to try and reason with an aggressive canine. Instead use the 15 tips below to help protect yourself before, during and after a dog attack.

When a Dog Acts Aggressively

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1. Avoid making direct eye contact with the dog and ignore it if possible. If the dog senses fear, it will be more likely to attack you.

2. Don’t smile at the dog or try to calm it down. This is because many animals (dogs included) see smiles as an act of aggression since it means you are baring your teeth as a threat.

3. If there’s anyone nearby, ask them for help. Make sure not to raise your voice when doing so.

4. Don’t use pepper spray or any weapons, since this will only make a dog even more aggressive.

5. Retreat slowly, without turning your back to the dog. Don’t try running, since it is not humanly possible to outrun a dog.

When a Dog Attacks

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1. If you are charged, try and cover its head with your jacket or sweater. Then get as much distance between you and the dog, or climb a tree if possible.

2. Throw a loose object to the ground to try and distract it. This may cause the dog to attack the object first, giving you time to escape.

3. Use your hand to protect your neck, since this is one of your body’s most vulnerable parts. The safest places to be bitten by a dog is on the forearm or shin.

4. Use your weight to press the dog to the ground with your knees or elbows. This will immobilize the dog until help arrives.

5. Resist the urge to pull away if bitten, since this could make your injury worse. Instead, hit them in the eye or on the nose.

6. Don’t shout at the dog, since this will make it even more aggressive.

7. If you have an ultrasonic dog repeller, use it immediately since it will scare the dog away.

After You’ve Been Bitten

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1. After being bitten, immediately rinse the wound with soap and water, before swabbing it with alcohol.

2. Visit a hospital as soon as possible so that all necessary tests can be taken.

3. If you have not been vaccinated for rabies, make so you get one done immediately, since failing to do so will probably be fatal.

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