Painting Mona Lisa’s 8 Biggest Secrets Revealed

Golden ratio on Mona Lisa’s face

Painting Mona Lisa's 8 Biggest Secrets Revealed

In art and mathematics, two quantities are said to have a “golden ratio” if the ratio of the sum of those quantities to the larger quantity is equal to the ratio of the larger quantity to the smaller quantity.

From the picture, we can see the face of the Mona Lisa in a golden rectangle and the rest of the picture is also structured in a golden spiral.

Mona Lisa is pregnant

Painting Mona Lisa's 8 Biggest Secrets Revealed

When studying the Mona Lisa’s outfit, the researchers discovered many questionable points. They used the method of infrared reflection on the picture and discovered that the Mona Lisa’s shirt was the type to reveal bare shoulders, with very thin chiffon pieces covering the top of the shirt, lightly covering the shoulders. left and also the back of the chair.

Even, the chiffon piece seems to be sewn with the edge of the embroidery collar very cleverly and draped like a layer of outerwear.

According to the researchers, this style is very popular in the Renaissance and is a blouse for children, women who are pregnant or have just given birth.

Kenneth Kill, a British physician, also said that Da Vinci’s painting conveys the satisfaction of a pregnant woman.

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