The 7 Civilizations That Outrageously Vanished

Harappan Civilization

This group of people lived in the Indus valley. Where’s that, you ask? Google it! Seriously, you got this far on the Internet, might as well do something useful with all that power. What? That’s my job? Fine, the Indus valley is in South Asia. Pretty much the part of the world the US is bombing. It’s assumed the civilization was lost because of a drought, which makes sense because the entire area is nothing but sand.


As you can probably tell from all the weird letters, this was a Turkish people living in 7400 B.C. Give or take a few years. We weren’t counting all that well back then. In about 6000 B.C. they either decayed because of infighting or because of migrants from across the Black Sea. No matter what the real reason, this must really be hitting home for many European countries anno 2017.

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