The Miraculous “Anti-Ageing-Weight Loss” Diet Revealed

Want to shed those extra pounds and look 10 years younger? Well, here’s the miracle formula.

The Miraculous

New York skin doctor Dr Nicholas Perricone, the diet guru of Hollywood stars including Kim Cattrall and Heidi Klum, encourages his patients to eat plenty of oily fish because the essential fats found in them provide skin-loving antioxidants and mop up the free radicals that can cause wrinkles and prematurely aged skin.

The best sources of this essential fatty acid include salmon, mackerel, fresh tuna steaks and sardines. The high protein content of oily fish also helps keep skin firm – and has the added bonus of keeping you slim.

1. Drink up

Water has been named as the biggest anti-ager. Essential for good health and good looks, water plumps up the skin and flushes out the toxins that cause a dull complexion and wrinkles.
And dieticians claim room temperature water is best, but there are plenty of other “liquid-facelifts” like Soya milk are also helpful in speeding up the production of collagen – the “building bricks” of skin. Also recommended is Vitabiotics Well woman drink, which is full of folic acid, cranberries and evening primrose oil.

2. Get a fruity facelift

Gorge on fruits if you want to look younger. The best anti-ageing fruit is kiwi fruit – one of the richest sources of vitamin C, which is fantastic for skin because it helps build collagen and mops up ageing toxins.

Also recommended are Avocados, as they are jam-packed with vitamins A and E, which are very effective at fighting wrinkles. One can even add a portion of berries every day, as they’re full of antioxidants called phytochemicals. Lastly, try some prunes and raisins.

3. Skin-loving carbs

Get your daily dose of Carbohydrates for getting that younger looking skin. Porridge oats are a great way to start the day and look younger.

Oats contain high levels of a mineral called silicic acid that plumps up the cells in skin, creating a youthful bounce. It also slows down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Multigrain bread, full of selenium, instead of white bread may act as a saviour preserving the elasticity in your skin.

4. Age-busting superfoods

(1) Almonds – They’re packed full of omega-3 fats and protein, which help skin repair itself. Plus they’re a great source of vitamin E, which studies show can prevent wrinkles. Have a small handful every afternoon.

(2) Olive oil – Scientists found that people living in hot countries with fewer wrinkles all had high intakes of olive oil. Swap vegetable oil for olive oil, or drizzle it cold on salads

(3) Adzuki beans – These are a great source of zinc, a mineral that helps your skin repair itself. Studies show zinc can also help with acne. Buy them canned from the supermarket and add them to salads and stir-fries.

(4) Apricots – They’re full of lutein, an antioxidant that helps fight off the ageing effects of the sun. Snack on them between meals, or slice them fresh on your porridge.

(5) Spinach – Like apricots, spinach is also a fantastic source of lutein, which wards off sun damage and ageing sunspots. Add a handful to a stir-fry or use in place of lettuce in salads.

(6) Tomatoes – Their magic ingredient is lycopene, a powerful antioxidant. As well as reducing the risk of certain cancers, lycopene also protects the skin against sun damage and keeps it looking younger. Slice them up in your sarnies or add them to salads.

(7) Broccoli – It’s great for fighting free radicals in the body. Free radicals are harmful substances found in the environment, such as pollution, which age us. Anything that mops up free radicals, like broccoli, is great at keeping skin young. Chop them up and add to stirfries, curries and even lasagne.

(8) Red wine – It boosts circulation to the skin, plus it”s full of antioxidants. Enjoy a small glass of red a few nights a week.

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