The Secret Of Hunza People

They Never Get Sick,They Don’t Know About ‪Cancer:


The Secret Of Hunza People

Their standard of living is totally different from the other, and the healthy way of that kind of living should be an example to us.

Hunza people are people who take a bath in a cold water, and they can give birth to a baby at 65 years which for us is inconceivable.

In summer they eat only raw foods and in winter they use dry fruits, especially apricots, germinated seeds and cheese from sheep.

?Hunger spring? is called the period when they are fasting, then they do not eat anything except the drink clean water.

From 2 to 4 months they drink that water, and consume the apricot seeds.

One of the Hunza people, known worldwide as Said Abdul Mobudu, totally confused the workers for immigration services when he pulled out his passport on which was written that he is 160 years old.

They did not believe him until they checked that the man is really born 160 years ago and that in his village all the people have long lifetime.

We can learn something from them, right?

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