The Shocking Truth Of Perfumed Candles You Need To Know About

For safety reasons, You must not leave burning candles unattended as it leads to plethora of risks. Leaving the candles all by itself isn’t a good option. You are advised to blow off the candles to reduce the chances of catching fire. But, the risk still won’t vanish totally.

The Shocking Truth Of Perfumed Candles You Need To Know About

Candles put you at jeopardy, especially, the scented ones. It comes with a label warning people to not burn candles for more than three hours at a stretch. So, basically, there is a time limit that comes with every warning. This warning should be followed without any procrastination, else it could harm you in a variety of manners. It’s just like a do or die situation.

Be ready to face the consequences if you let the candles burn for a longer period. It will have a serious impact on your health. Hoboken’s new mother Megan Bunton had experienced the harsh reality. She burnt two huge scented candles when she was alone with her newborn baby.

The Shocking Truth Of Perfumed Candles You Need To Know About

The environment seemed normal at first. The trouble began when her baby’s nostrils turned black. It happened at the time of feeding. The inside of his nostrils was layered with a black material. She tried to clean his nostrils but proved futile. With little hope left, she finally took him to the doctor.

The reason behind this was those scented candles. She figured out that it was due to her negligence. It was a blunder, she committed, by burning candles for six to seven hours. It is now clear that scented candles pollute the air by leaving some ashes behind. Therefore, time should be tracked on burning scented candles.

Dr Lisa Liberatore, an ENT doctor, labeled it as a blunder. Burning Candles has always been an issue; patients don’t realize it until they are affected. There should be a proper check on the surroundings to measure their health and to find out the result of the environmental factors. Candles are the major reason for it.

The Shocking Truth Of Perfumed Candles You Need To Know About

One cannot totally avoid scented candles at any cost. But we can surely purchase candles from famous shops that we know of. Stay away from the candles that spreads aroma all around. The fragrance will tempt you, but you have to pay a huge price for it. As a result, the black substance will put you in danger.

Make sure that you go through the instructions written at the label of the candles. Don’t forget to note down the burning time to make your task easier. The best way is to trim the wick of the candle. By doing so, the wick remains above the wax. Blow off the candles as soon as possible once you notice the ashes.

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