Valentines Horoscopes – Love Compatibility Between Sunsigns

ARIES/ARIES : You are both of extreme nature. Both love freedom and adventure and are uncompromising in your behaviour. You could either be very happy together or separate. There is no compromise with you. Being headstrong, there are bound to be quarrels and disputes but these will be patched up easily. You have more of intellectual companionship than a congenial physical relationship. What would be most important respect for each other’s views will breed cordiality in this.

ARIES/TAURUS : This can be a strange relationship. It can work out favourably if Taurus takes charge of finance and household affairs. Let Aries decide on the social aspects of life. You are both disciplined, though Taurus tends to be more rigid and dogmatic. Aries will benefit through the practical nature of Taurus. And will cherish the happy-go-lucky attitude of Aries. There is bound to be a vast ideological differences between the two of you. Aries may seek outside companionship but would confide in Taurus. Whereas Taurus will have more secrets.

ARIES/GEMINI : You will get along well.It could begin as a romantic association which could be lasting. However,Gemini tends to be more social than Aries who seek solitude.Hence there are bound to be quarrels whenever there’s a party or function at home.Gemini, a compulsory party-goer,will find Aries snobbish. Aries tend to feel insecure in this relationship.If Gemini is not given attention there is a threat of a break-up.Aries becomes more difficult in this relationship.Gemini,though a tolerant,can take it only up to a certain point.

ARIES/CANCER :Here is an odd but loveable couple.You have mutual respect,though at times you just tolerate each other.Cancer is a good house-keeper.Aries a charming entertainer.Aries may at times consider Cancer a bit dull and boring, ,whereas Cancer would think Aries is childlike and too flippant.But their differences remain under the surface and there’s rarely a showdown.Aries will always be the one to quarrel,and later apologise.But should Cancer feel let down in any manner this could spell disaster.Cancer does not break a relationship easily but cannot take flirting of their mate.Together, they can make it work beautifully.

ARIES/LEO : This is a love-relationship.Both will respect each other’s views, likes and dislikes.Aries is demonstrative and Leo is quiet in this set-up.Sometimes they tend to go their own way,because they both seek freedom.Too much closeness in this relationship is stifling to both.However, there’s lot of considerateness between you two.Children’s upbringing can be a point of major difference.Even family and relatives could cause problems.In this Leo is more disciplined and authoritarian.Aries will value family ties.Leo may seek freedom from family responsibilities.

ARIES/VIRGO : You come together easily,but begin to drift apart.Traditionall, Aries and Virgo do not get along well, but should they marry,they’ll manage to stay together forever.They respect and tolerate each other.There are quite a few similarities between them, for example,both love home,travel,good food,cleanliness and socialising.The difference is in their nature.Virgo is too fastidious,and Aries ease loving.Virgo criticises a lot,Aries abhors criticism.Aries are more demonstrative,Virgo is more subdued. Sometimes they may sleep on separate beds though in the same room.Aries retires late but gets up early. Virgo likes to retire early,but like Aries,gets up early. Well, you compliment each other by being opposite.

ARIES/LIBRA : Astrologically this is an ideal relationship. Libra should learn to balance the extreme nature of Aries. It is quite likely that Libra has to make more adjustment, Whereas Aries will accept total loyalty from Libra, Aries will not give up his/her freedom. Aries idiosyncrasies can at times be exasperating, but Libra has enough tolerance. These are two opposite signs which compliment each other. There is great understanding and rapport. Both indulge in mild flirtation, but both have to be cautious that none gets seriously entangled elsewhere. Romantic escapades can cause a rift in this relationship.

ARIES/SCORPIO : Here is a couple drawn together with physical attraction and strong desires.Both are madly in love and possessive.Scorpio rarely lets Aries enjoy total freedom.Aries can, at times, feel restrained but accepts the situation,due to family or other considerations. Aries love Scorpio.Aries will give total freedom to Scorpio in matters of household and family welfare.Scorpio will be more extravagant than Aries, and this could cause problems.Scorpio does tease Aries in love-play,but both equally relish their togetherness.

ARIES/SAGITTARIUS : This is yet another compatible combination.They both love and respect each other.Sagittarius could at times be misunderstood by Aries.Being a quiet person, Sagittarius finds it difficult to express his/her inner feelings to Aries.And this is taken for being cold and being less responsive by Aries.Sagittarius is fond of cleanliness,and Aries are a bit more carefree in their attitude.Aries like to relax and laze around at home on a holiday, but Sagittarius to clean and tidy up the house.There are times when Aries deliberately stays out of the house to be away from domestic hassles.

ARIES/CAPRICORN : Traditionally,this could be an ill matched combination.The fiery Aries and a staid Capricorn,have nothing in common.But in this relationship,Aries show a lot of warmth and understanding. Capricorn will not have much to complain,except the extravagance of Aries.Capricorn tends to monetary affairs and could neglect household duties.Even Aries may not pay much attention to home and family.In this relationship, children could suffer due to neglect.Even physically,there’s a lot of disparity.There is a vast age difference between the two of you, or then you could be poles apart.

ARIES/AQUARIUS : A friendly combination.Aries gets along well with Aquarius,who simply adores Aries.They both have similar views on life.Aquarians tend to be more philosophic and accepts the idiosyncrasies of the Aries mate.Aries on the other hand,loves the attention and care shown by the Aquarian.This is a compatible combination.The sunny disposition of Aries helps Aquarius to face the vicissitudes of life.And when the Arian,being inconsistent by nature,keeps jumping from one interest to another,it is the stable Aquarian who restrains Aries.

ARIES/PISCES : These are strange bedfellows. They admire, love and sometimes, hate each other. Piscean the dreamer, sees the fulfilment of his/her desires in an Aries-born. Pisces will always try to calm down the fiery temperament of Aries, and will not always succeed. Aries loves the sense of belongings towards a Piscean. Though sometimes Aries could be rough and cruel towards their Piscean mate.

TAURUS/TAURUS : Here are the two bulls locking their horns. They have a lot of differences to sort out before deciding to live and let live. They can get along well only after a lot of give and take. And once they settle down in their relationship, none can part them. They make a happy complacent couple, quite content to lead their own lives. Their problems generally arise on money matters.

TAURUS/GEMINI : You have really to work hard to establish a good relationship. Temperamentally you are quite opposite. A Taurus male may be able to manage the female-Geminian but should it be the other way round, like the male born under Gemini then the Taurean is in trouble. Your meeting ground is interest in arts, music and creativity. The differences are many. Gemini is to outgoing. Taurus a social Taurus is and stingy, Geminians are spendthrifts. Well this is a stormy relationship.

TAURUS/CANCER : You are quite compatible. In fact this could work out as one of the ideal marriage relationship. The sensitive Cancerian, and artistic Taurean, have a lot in common. You both love home and family. Both are fond of eating. Though the Taurean’s gluttony can be irksome for the more refined Cancerian. Taurus sometimes find the Cancerian lazy and also pessimistic. Cancer considers Taurus as too vain and conceited. But both believe in security.

TAURUS/LEO : This makes a stable couple. Both are firm and rigid, yet they manage to live together. They demarcate each other’s role with strict understanding that none should interfere with the other’s affairs. Leos are too disciplined. Taurus too casual. Leo has a sense of justice. Taurus is overly generous. There is constant fight over sense of propriety. But both value security and have strong loyalties.

TAURUS/VIRGO : A favourable combination. Both being practical and accommodating, they adjust to each other very well. Virgo can be fastidious and Taurus indifferent. Virgo likes cleanliness, and Taurus tales things lightly. Virgo can be critical about the Taurus life-style. But these are minor points of discord. Taurus manages family affairs very well. Virgo feels secure in this relationship. But there can be an element of jealously between them, more on the part of Taurus.

TAURUS/LIBRA : Avolatile relationship. Taurus likes Libra’s idealism and romantic nature, but considers him/her too liberal. Libra loves Taurus for his/her sincerity and sense of loyalty, but dislikes its uncouth ways. Taurus is rigid, Libra flexible. Taurus angry, Libra happy-go-lucky. Libra slightly flirtatious, Taurus loyal. There are constant fights, but they manage to live together.

TAURUS/SCORPIO : This could be an ideal combination.Scorpio adds spark in Taurean’s life.Taurus loves the strength and strong character of Scorpio.Scorpio sees in Taurus a steady mate.In fact,Scorpio brings out the best traits in Taurean,who is otherwise a quiet,unassuming person.Taurus handles finance,Scorpio takes care of entertaining.Sometimes Scorpio is more active and positive, whereas Taurus is submissive.But when Taurus wants to take charge of a situation, Scorpio has to give in.

TAURUS/CAPRICORN : You get along well. It could be a beautiful love relationship. Taurus love Capricorn’s sincerity, loyalty, sense of justice. Capricorn finds in Taurus a friend, philosopher and guide. Both are practical and tolerant. Taurus is the romantic, but at times, Capricorn feels that Taurus is putting on an act. Taurus is vindictive, Capriocornian forgiving by nature.

TAURUS/SAGITTARIUS : This could be a turbulent relationship.Taurus is too rigid for Sagittarius’s liking. Taurus considers Sagittarius to be self-centred and egotist. Sagittarius’s sense of responsibility towards parents and other relatives, irks Taurus. Taurus is forever criticizing Sagittarius,who feels restricted in this relationship.But then both feel the need for each other’s love and affection. Monetary affairs could create problems in their lives.They tend to drift apart due to reasons of finance or interference from family.

TAURUS/AQUARIUS : You have several points for discord. Taurus is too practical, and cold. Aquarius is generally philosophical and a dreamer. Taurus likes to stay at home, Aquarius likes to go out. Aquarius is honest, Taurus sometimes resorts to lies. Aquarians are hypersensitive, Taurus more practical. This is a difficult combination and survives only due to considerations for family.

TAURUS/PISCES : A friendly association. Taurus likes the romantic Piscean. Taurus sees in Pisces a loving, caring and sympathetic lover. Pisces likes Taurus for their charm, sincerity and loyalty, Taurus do at times feel insecure with Pisces. Taurus loves to earn, Pisces loves to spend. Taurus loves in the present, and Piscean dreams of tomorrow. Taurus is quite, Piscean outgoing and demonstrative. They adjust well.

GEMINI/GEMINI : It could either be a very happy relationship or you will part company. There is no compromise. Both are volatile and temperamental. If one is flirting, other is no loyal either. They are both independent. In fact when you adjust to each other you present an ideal couple. Otherwise, there are constant fights and both of you scream at each other. The entire neighbourhood would be aware of your quarrels.

GEMINI/CANCER : You are an old couple. There is a sincere effort from both to establish a rapport and a happy relationship, even though you may be completely opposite in nature. Gemini is out-going. Cancer is home-loving. Gemini-active, Cancer-lazy. Gemini-flirtitious, Cancer loyal. If the male is Cancer things could work more favourably. If the female is born under Cancer she will have to adjust to the life-style of her mate.

GEMINI/LEO : You establish an easy rapport. You respect each other views. There may be differences over friends, entertaining, and even on house-hold affairs, but you can manage these quite efficiently. Geminians are quite flexible. They win over the Leo by their love, or even flattery. Leo is loyal and dependable. You enjoy a good relationship.

GEMINI/VIRGO : You are quite alike in many ways. Both are fun-loving and easy to adjust. Virgo can be fastidious but then Gemini is unpredictable. If Gemini talks too much. Virgo is sceptical. Virgo is hypersensitive. Gemini is carefree. Gemini can be superfluous Virgo more methodical. But both endeavour to make life more enjoyable by accepting each other’s shortcomings.

GEMINI/LIBRA : You get along very well. You smile away your differences. You respect others view. You are both helpful, generous, affectionate and accommodating. Libra is angry, Gemini-forgiving, Gemini tends to neglect home. Libra doesn’t complain much. Both of you can establish an ideal relationship provided you do not let others interfere in your lives.

GEMINI/SCORPIO : You have a fiery relationship,deeply passionate and possessive.Gemini can adjust to Scorpio habits,but Scorpio finds it difficult to accept Gemini’s way of living.Scorpio is completely involved but consider Gemini’s superfluous.Scorpio does not approve the free-mixing nature of Gemini,whereas Gemini could see Scorpio mate as suspicious and overbearing.You could live happily only if you accept each other’s shortcomings.

GEMINI/SAGITTARIUS : This could well be an ideal combination.You get attracted to each other quite naturally.Sagittarius likes Gemini’s vivacity.Gemini responds to Sagittarius’s love.You share several interests in common.You can both depend upon each other.Gemini inspires Sagittarius who are good in planning. And Gemini can deftly execute Sagittarius’s plans. You lead a very active love life,though Gemini tends to seek variety in approach to romance. Sagittarius prefers to play safe by restricting to their tested method of emotional response.

GEMINI/CAPRICORN : You have to overcome initial hurdles in your relationship. Capricorn is too staid and rigid for a Gemini. Whereas Gemini seems too superfluous to Capricorn, Gemini adjusts to everything. Capricorn is secretive, Geminians are too open and frank. Your relationship can work only if Capricornian decides to adjust.

GEMINI/AQUARIUS : You strike quick rapport. You have a very friendly and intimate ties. You share common interest. Gemini is artistic, Aquarius is philosophical. You are each other’s strength. Differences could arise only over friends and entertaining. Gemini forever seeks company and Aquarius wants solitude.

GEMINI/PISCES : Though opposite in nature, you can establish good relationship. Both love, peace and harmony. Both have a single goal in life, that is to have a beautiful home and loving family. You adjust to each other well. Differences arise only due to economic conditions. Pisces cannot face emergencies. Geminis get intolerant of Pisces at times, yet they manage to stay together.

CANCER/CANCER : You share common interests.You may not get attracted to each other instantly,but begin to like after a period of time. It could be said that you tend to grow over each other. Both of you love home and family life. Sometimes the wife has to push her Cancer-born husband out of the house to go to work,who would rather spend time at home. Similarly the husband has to entice his Cancer wife to accompany him to a party or for an outing with friends. You match so well,that over a period of time Cancer couples begin to look alike.You lead a contented life together.

CANCER/LEO : In your strong attraction, deep attachment, wounds fester. Emotional, sensitive, clinging Cancer may suffer with proud egoistical, independent Leo – should Cancer not make adjustments. A stability-seeking Leo, who also hopes for happiness, on the other hand may find it with a Cancerian.

CANCER/VIRGO : You attract each other. Cancer is gentle. Virgo understanding. Cancer loves home and family. Virgo knows how to keep a good home. Cancer worries too much. Virgo doesn’t like that aspect. But Cancer doesn’t like constant criticism from Virgo. However, this combination can lead to a well matched team.

CANCER/LIBRA : If opposites attract, you are sure to come together. Cancer is loyal, Libra is gentle. Cancer is dependable while Libra projects strength. Cancer could be lazy and Libra over energetic. Cancer is home loving. Libra a socialite. Despite these differences, the two make good companions.

CANCER/SCORPIO : You are drawn to each other. You strike an easy rapport. Cancer can win over Scorpio through loving care and total devotion. Scorpio feels secure with Cancer. Scorpio may be aggressive at times but Cancer knows how to handle it. Scorpio draws out Cancer from its shell. This is a harmonious combination.

CANCER/SAGITTARIUS : Your relationship could begin with mutual distrust and suspicion. You get drawn to each other physically and much later, get to know each other well. Cancer is unsure of Sagittarius love and loyalty. Sagittarius feels stifled in Cancer’s company. Yet, once initial fears are overcome, you strike a cordial note.

CANCER/CAPRICORN : You are ideally matched, especially if you have similar family/financial background. Difference in social status could only spoil the felicity of this combination. Cancer loves the security provided by Capricorn. Cancer is flexible. Capricorn feels overly protective towards Cancer. You make a happy couple.

CANCER/AQUARIUS : You look at each other with suspicion. You are not frank. You have your own secrets. Cancer cannot break through the intellectual barrier created by Aquarius may not like the sentimental Cancer. If Cancer is a worrier, Aquarius is a brooder. You have to overcome your differences or, perhaps, choose to live with them.

CANCER/PISCES : You make a romantic couple. Pisces has to discover the finer aspects of Cancer. And Cancer has to hold the interest of Pisces. Then alone you will develop intimacy. There are several differences but you adjust to each other well. Cancer wants exclusive company of Pisces but Pisces likes a crowd. If Pisces seeks solitude, Cancer feels insecure.

LEO/LEO: You will always try to be one-up on each other. Both being strong-willed, self-reliant and independent, it could become difficult to achieve harmony. You have to trust and reassure each other of love for peaceful co-existence. This represents a complex relationship but once you accept the other’s role in joint living, you lead a happy life.

LEO/VIRGO : You get along well. The first few meetings will decide who is the boss, Leo should not underestimate the strength of Virgo, especially if it is a female. If anyone can deflate a Leo’s ego, it is her, Virgo uses criticism to correct Leo because Virgo loves perfectionism. That should, in fact, boost Leo’s pride.

LEO/LIBRA : You have a friendly relationship. Libra is easy to get along with. Leo can relax in the company of Libra. Leo is disciplined and Libra is idealist. They understand each other’s needs and work together to build a strong, lasting relationship. Libra can break through Leo’s snobbery. And Leo’s strength checks the flirtatious tendencies in Libra.

LEO/SCORPIO : You both are born under strong signs. A female Scorpio is gentle, loving and affectionate until she is let down. Then she could be vindictive. Leo is rather aggressive, independent, proud yet extremely sensitive, passionate and romantic. This combination works well on mutual trust. And should there be doubts or suspicious, both will not hesitate to snap their ties.

LEO/SAGITTARIUS : This is a romantic combination. Leo gets drawn to Sagittarius, who in turn helps to strengthen the ties. Leo, the sign of ambition, sees strong positive influences in Sagittarius. Leo loves power. Sagittarius knows hot to wield power. Leo is hesitant, Sagittarius aggressive. Sagittarius knows how to manipulate things.

LEO/CAPRICORN : This is an odd combination. There will be constant bickering. Both are rigid, fastidious, unbending. If Leo is angry, Capricorn can be rude. Leo is disciplined. Capricorn carefree. Capricorn can hurt Leo’s sensibilities and pride. Leo could mistreat Capricorn. You have to fight it out before establishing any rapport.

LEO/AQUARIUS : You could be an ideal couple. But you have to work hard to achieve harmony. Leo loves Aquarius philosophy and the way of life. Aquarius admires Leo’s pride, honesty, sense of discipline. (Of course, you have to make a few adjustments). Leo likes to retire to bed early whereas Aquarius likes to read until late. Yet, you make a happy couple.

LEO/PISCES : You at times wonder how you could be together. You both are totally different though each balances the other. Leo restrains the dreamy Pisces. Pisces adds a sense of romance and adventure to Leo’s life. Leo loves glamour and glitter while Pisces loves solitude. Leo is a disciplined worker, Pisces takes everything leisurely. Yet, you could manage to establish a good rapport.

VIRGO/VIRGO : This is a turbulent combination. But if both come from similar backgrounds. Then you strike instant rapport. In the other’s failings, you see your own faults. There is a lot of give and take. Both must be flexible to make this relationship work. Once you succeed in ironing out your differences, you live in peace and harmony.

VIRGO/LIBRA : You encounter lots of problems. Libra tends to be rigid, dogmatic and aggressive in the company of Virgo. And Virgo is forever finding faults with Libra. Virgo dislikes parties, Libra is a compulsive party-goer. A Libra male can adjust a Virgo males could be intolerant. Friends play an important role in your lives.

VIRGO/SCORPIO : You enjoy delightful companionship. You both love and respect each other. You also fear criticism and censure. You always endeavour to please each other. Initially there could be lots of constraints but gradually you begin to depend on each other. This is a relationship built on mutual trust and respect.

VIRGO/SAGITTARIUS : You may not be naturally compatible, but somehow you begin to like and enjoy each other’s company. Your individual problems seem to vanish as soon as you talk to each. In this combination, there is no room for secrets. Both are rather sensitive. Should one of you feel that the other doesn’t trust you, you feel hurt, and you withdraw.

VIRGO/CAPRICORN : You get along well. There is strong attraction between you. Capricorn feels secure in Virgo’s company. Virgo has implicit faith and trust in Capricorn’s judgement. Both are methodical, practical and ambitious. Virgo is more romantic. Capricorn down to earth. You have a good relationship.

VIRGO/AQUARIUS : You like each other. Virgo will have to make all the adjustments. Aquarius is loving generous, considerate but sometimes hyper-sensitive. Virgo cannot criticize Aquarius without starting a fight. Aquarius is proud of his philosophy which Virgo considers impractical. Yet, you could make this relationship work.

VIRGO/PISCES : This could be an ideal match. Virgo’s dreams come true in this association. The finer aspects of Virgo comes out in this relationship. Only Pisces knows that Virgo can also be sensitive, gentle and romantic. Virgo learns a lot from Pisces. And Pisces rediscovers himself in this relationship.

LIBRA/LIBRA : Now, this is the most difficult combination. You could get imbalance. You suffer from strange fears there is a lot of uncertainty and a feelings of insecurity in this association. If you give freedom to each other and do not interfere, you can live together. You have really a hard struggle to maintain your relationship.

LIBRA/SCORPIO : This could be a strong, passionate liaison. You are drawn to each other. How long this association lasts depends upon several factors. The most important is personal involvement. For both, your relationship comes first to all else in your lives. If one of you shows a lack of interest, the other will walk out.

LIBRA/SAGITTARIUS : A friendly association. You establish easy rapport. In this relationship, both seek freedom and, occasionally, like to have time away from each other. Constant togetherness of Libra and Sagittarius can lead to boredom. Libra seeks artistic and creative stimuli, and Sagittarius need to devote more time to the pursuit of personal ambitious.

LIBRA/CAPRICORN : You have a happy relationship though with certain reservations about the other’s attitude to life. Libra is idealistic and Capricorn materialistic. Libra lazy. Capricorn workaholic. Libra female can adjust but Capricorn female could be difficult. You could encounter lots of problems.

LIBRA/AQUARIUS : This is a friendly relationship. Both have similar likes and dislikes. Being sensitive and considerate, both endeavour always to please each other. Sometimes economic reasons could create minor ripples in their deeply romantic bond, but they overcome such mundane irritants. There exist between the two of you a total trust and dependency. When Aquarius is contemplative and philosophic, Libra takes over as practical idealist. Both balance each other’s extreme proclivities. You love each other to such extent at times, that you do not need the company of any other person.

LIBRA/PISCES : This makes a good couple though they are dissimilar. Libra is an extrovert and Pisces an introvert. Libra is ambitious. Pisces carefree. But there is a strong physical attraction between the two. If they overcome their initial problems, this could prove a romantic and lasting association. Pisces are must understand Librans intelligence.

SCORPIO/SCORPIO : You establish strong ties. Your relationship grows with time and you take rather long to find common interests. Male and female Scorpios are completely opposite but both have strong desire and deep attachments. Both suffer from inner insecurity until you begin to trust and depend on each other. A good relationship.

SCORPIO/SAGITTARIUS : You are in fear of the other. Both feel that the other loves you less. It takes time to overcome this feeling of insecurity. Scorpio can adjust very well in this association. Sagittarius brings out humility in Scorpio. But Sagittarius could be inconsistent. With time and understanding, you overcome your differences.

SCORPIO/CAPRICORN : You love and respect each other. One’s strength overcomes the other’s shortcomings. If Capricorn is fastidious, Scorpio is tolerant. And when Scorpio is angry and unreasonable, Capricorn is gentle and quite. You can establish a harmonious relationship, even more so after you get married.

SCORPIO/AQUARIUS : You begin the relationship gradually trying to understand each other. There are lots of suspicions and misgivings. Scorpio considers Aquarius impractical and too simple. Aquarius thinks that Scorpio is overhearing and authoritarian. But Scorpio can adjust well with Aquarius.

SCORPIO/PISCES : You are made for each other. You association begins as a fiery romance. Pisces feels superior in winning over Scorpio, whereas, in actuality, it is Scorpio who has captured Pisces. Both have the same ideals and dreams. Scorpio endeavours to learn subjects with interest Pisces. Pisces showers lavish compliments on Scorpio. Both are happy.

SAGITTARIUS/SAGITTARIUS : You have a good understanding of each other’s needs. You are identical in many ways. In certain cases you even look alike. The differences, arise over domestic issues, children’s affairs and entertainment. There are quarrels but you patch up soon. In some cases, there is a likelihood of vast age difference between the two. You live in peace and harmony.

SAGITTARIUS/CAPRICORN : There will be differences between you. Sagittarius is more optimistic, cheerfully and carefree. Capricorn is sober, sometimes pessimistic and melancholy. Capricorn could suffer from a strange complex in this association. The couldn’t careless attitude of Sagittarius makes the self-conscious Capricorn feel even more insecure.

SAGITTARIUS/AQUARIUS : There is a lot of give and take in this relationship. After initial differences, you establish a perfect rapport. In fact, your association begins with strong attachment, and you both endeavour to make it enduring and happy. You give each other total freedom to follow personal hobbies and interest.

SAGITTARIUS/PISCES : You get along well with each other. Both are dreamers and in love with the idea of love. But if you are not careful, your relationship could become oppressive and boring. Pisces may begin to feel that the Sagittarius he/she knew is not the same. And Sagittarius may find Pisces not moving ahead with times. Pisces is forever in search of an ideal state of living, whereas Sagittarius, though romantic is more pragmatic. Nevertheless, you manage to bring cordiality into your relationship. Your bond with each other is stronger due to reasons of family rather than just love.

CAPRICORN/CAPRICORN : This could be an eventful association. Both are ambitious, hardworking and successful. Later in life, you may feel that romance is missing. Being materialistic, you lose out on the finer things of life. It’s when you see other couples happy and enjoying life that you realize that things are not all that copy for you. Both put the blame on each other.

CAPRICORN/AQUARIUS : You both are capable of strong likes and dislikes. Capricorn sneers at the alleged generosity of Aquarius. Aquarius finds Capricorn cold and calculating. Capricorn hates hypocrisy. Aquarius is sympathetic and understanding. Aquarius female can adjust but Capricorn female could find it difficult to continue the relationship.

CAPRICORN/PISCES : You could strike instant rapport. Capricorn feels relaxed in the company of Pisces. Pisces adds romance and taught to this relationship. Capricorn can sometimes be sarcastic and hurting. Even Pisces could withdraw and be aloof, causing hurt to Capricorn. But with time you begin to depend upon each other. This relationship takes long to become happy and meaningful.

AQUARIUS/AQUARIUS : You can get drawn to each other. Both understand each other’s needs. You confide everything in the other. Sometimes there are no children in this relationship. Or, both are too busy to pay any attention to home and family life. If one is in any trouble. Other takes care of everything. You could make this association work and live happily.

AQUARIUS/PISCES : This is a difficult association. Aquarius is brooding, pessimistic and overly dependent upon Pisces. Whereas Pisces loves Aquarius though sometimes feels stifled in this relationship. But you begin to like each other gradually Aquarius has to make more adjustments. Once the relationship is established. Pisces looks after and protects mutual interests.

PISCES/PISCES : You strike instant rapport, but have to work hard to maintain your relationship. In this association the female could be jealous and too demanding. And the male tends to be flirtatious. There are frequent quarrels. Both need to spend more time with each other. It takes long to overcome mutual distrust and fears.

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