Warning Signs That Your Pet Is Sick

If you?ve got a pet, you know how much love they give without asking for anything in return. They become family members. More than that, scientific studies consistently show that having a pet keeps you healthier and calmer. However, our animal companions are unable to speak, so they can?t tell us when they?re not feeling well. This is where us owners need to pay attention because our pets do tell us; they just use body language.

Cats ? Sick in Secret

Cats tend to hide when sick, so more often than not owners only realize how sick their cats are when they?re in a serious condition. This does not imply that they are neglectful owners, but rather that their feline friends were hiding their ailment. Here are the top 10 signs your cat might be sick:

1. Bad breath

As in humans, bad breath can indicate gingivitis or gum disease in cats. If a cat?s breath smells like ammonia, it could indicate a kidney disease.

2. Change in sleep patterns

Warning Signs That Your Pet Is Sick

If you have an active cat that suddenly prefers to sleep all the time, it might be trying to tell you it?s sick. The same goes for the opposite situation ? your calm, sleepy kitty suddenly patrols the house through all hours of the night, meowing its (and your) head off. Consider taking your cat to the vet for a checkup.

3. Change in behavior

When a typically social cat becomes reclusive and antisocial, there?s a good chance it?s sick. When cats feel bad, they want to get away from everyone else.

4. Change in weight

If your cat?s losing a lot of weight, it might have a thyroid disease or even cancer. If it?s suddenly gaining weight or its stomach starts growing bigger, it can indicate a slew of ailments. Furthermore, obesity in cats can lead to arthritis and heart diseases.

5. Changes in grooming

Warning Signs That Your Pet Is Sick

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