10 Guru Nanak Lessons That Make Sense Even Today

6. Find your own guru.

You need a mentor to guide you on how to live right. In Guru Nanak’s words, living right is much superior to visiting pilgrimage destinations.

7. Be selfless.

The Punjab Golden Temple feeds over a 100,000 people of all religions every single day. Not because there is some divine gain, but because it is a sacred duty. For Nanak, the concept of selfless service was a way of life.

8. Fight superstition of any kind.

Nanak devoted his life to attacking formal rituals, caste, and practices that didn’t make any sense. This is the simplest way you can find meaning and purpose in your own life – cutting out the clutter of what society dictates you should do.

9. Simplicity is beautiful.

It is not hard to practice the tenets of Sikhism. There are only 3!

Vand Chako: Sharing with others
Kirat Karo: Making an honest living
Naam Japna: Remembering God at all times

10. Travel!

There is much to be gained from your journeys. At a time when religious leaders never ventured out of their villages, Guru Nanak walked, yes, walked, to Iraq, Ladakh, Tibet and Saudi Arabia!

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