10 Incredible Ways To Boost Your Self Worth

6. Let others speak

10 Incredible Ways To Boost Your Self Worth

Continuing from our last point, try to get people to talk. Find out what questions they like being asked and encourage them to answer. People love being listened to, and once you do you’ll discover there is always an advantage to knowing more about the person than they know about you. Also, the more open and direct you are in your questions, the more confident you’ll seem.

Just one word of advice: There is a thin line between being direct and being rude. Find it and tread it carefully. You want to ask good questions but do it in a kind and offhand manner that’ll put others at ease.

7. Don’t cut people off

10 Incredible Ways To Boost Your Self Worth

We return to this point because it is so common. Many of us just listen to the gist of what people are saying while waiting to give our own input. But being cut off is annoying, insulting and sometimes hurtful. Besides, you may miss out on important information. This takes a lot of patience, especially when people will just talk your ear off. But once you gain control of this need to give your own input right away, you’ll discover it has powerful advantages.

A person in control is a confident person, one who can listen to others’ mistakes without having to correct them immediately. On the other hand, if someone cuts you off, be assertive but calm, and ask politely that you be given the opportunity to finish. Don’t look grouchy, they probably didn’t mean to do it, just smile and be kind about it.

8. Dress well

10 Incredible Ways To Boost Your Self Worth

It’s amazing how much we get judged on visuals alone. You can take advantage of that fact by always being well dressed. Get an honest friend to tell you what looks good on you and what does not. Find the balance between comfort and a great look.

9. Exercise

10 Incredible Ways To Boost Your Self Worth

Physical activity is known to boost self confidence. Research has demonstrated that there is a direct link between sports and chemicals being released in the brain to cause euphoria. Physical activity will also improve your looks, which will also add to your self confidence. Do any kind of physical activity for a better overall feeling and a great boost in self pride and respect.

10. Remember the good times

10 Incredible Ways To Boost Your Self Worth

One of the things that we rely on for self confidence is reliving the best moments of our lives. Each time you remember that great day, a game you won, a trip you took, a person you loved – does wonders for your self-esteem, as well as provides a good excuse to call old friends.

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