A Joy Of Small Things

Life, we often take it for granted and forget to enjoy small things it has in store for us for which it asks no fees. It gives pure joy. Initially, I had made below points as an outline to make a short-film which depicts the Joy of small things, but then it couldt work out, for I had few other stuffs on hand.

1. Sitting all alone, and observing the sunset.

2. For no reason, removing the batteries of television remote, and putting them back.

3. Helping an old age person, to cross the road.

4. Inserting our fingers in the dug of grain in a food store without anybody noticing us.

5. Swinging as high as possible and then jumping down from it, to feel those two seconds which feel like eternity.

6. Enjoying the sound of water.

7. Splashing water on face without counting it.

8. Writing a post card instead of an e-mail.

9. Feeling the wind by standing in between of a grain-field.

10. Playing the games again that we had played as kids, and again feel the excitement of losing & winning.

11. Cutting a paper with scissors for no reason.

12. Seeing a baby laughing.

13. Throwing a stone in the river, and counting how many jumps it makes before drowning.

14. Sleeping in an open space at night and counting the stars in the sky.

15. Drinking tea without brushing the teeth & not telling it to others.

16. First filling air in the balloons and then for no reason inserting pain ink in them.

17. Jumping on the dug of sand & squeezing it with hands and feeling its going from hand.

18. Doing something for the very first time (milking cow).

19. Watching a bird move freely in the sky.

20. Watching a feather floating with slow wind.

21. Feeling the wrinkles of grandparents.

22. Move your body with rhythm of a trees movement with wind.

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