Loving Our Elders

Loving Our Elders

Man also goes through the cycle of second childhood when he grows old. What pains me is that the current generation has a care free attitude, and leaving their parents in not-so-good situation at home. please remember that When one grows old the mental and physical capacities go down – here is when he/she needs help and hand holding. The present generation is leading a hi-fy life but never cares for the elderly parents who patiently wait for a few words from them – the parents live in solitude expecting someone to speak to them and make them feel happy and wanted in this world.

I have always come across people saying that its a headache to take care of elders – I would think within myself – imagine if the same would have been thought by your parents when you were a kid.

Every month sending money from abroad or from the city that you live in, does not fulfill the void created by feeling lonely and wanting to be talked to,listened to,cared for. We have to make them feel that the world is still wanting you and is a better place to lead a life to the fullest.stand beside your parents because they had a dream with you, they did so much for you. Most important what you are today is only for your parents not anyone else in the world. Look your parents with Love and care.

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