Making A Difference

Making A Difference

Each one of us is a wonderful being. Encourage bringing forth the hidden ability and wonder in an individual. Then depression would disappear. Telling others constantly that they are the dumps, useless, unintelligent, uncreative?.only destroys the possibility of their improvement. But if we were to employ the encouragement technique and generous in our praises, chances are that we would make others realise their potential. Encouragement involves a little loving efforts.

Reflect on this incident.

An old man was busy picking fish from the shore and throwing them back into the sea. A young man observed this and said, `For the past two hours you are throwing fishes into the sea. But there are so many fishes around. Can you really make a difference to all of them?’

The old man smiled, picked up yet another fish, threw it into the sea and said, `I have made a difference to this fish.’

Constantly encourage yourself and encourage others. Let this be your vision and mission. Passionately believe in them. Life will have meaningful purpose. With such a purpose you will have no time to be depressed. The act of encouraging yourself and others will be tremendous source of joy.

`But I am so insignificant. Can I make a difference to the world?’ Asked the man

It is said; `What a little lamp can do, the great Sun cannot; it can shine in the night.’

Reflect on this incident.

The pilot while flying realized that he lost direction. It was dark and difficult for him to land. The fuel was running out. There was a great danger. Suddenly he sighted a heavy truck on the high way; its head light beam helped him to make out the path of the highway. Using highway as runway, he landed. He said to himself `I am sure the truck driver would not have realized that the truck’s head lights saved many lives.

In the same way we may not know how we can contribute to others. What is important is our intension to contribute.

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